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Trump Case used as a distraction like "9/11" or WW2 as a diversion away from the WHO Pandemic Agreement Vote on June 1st

RFK Jr.- Help Me Stop The WHO Treaty ft Bird Flu is Scamdemic 3.0

Trump Case used as a distraction like "9/11" or WW2 in order to divert attention away from the WHO Pandemic Agreement Vote on June 1st. Associated Press does a fact-check on the 38,000 deaths and 1.5M injuries reported to VAERS.HHS.GOV. AP does not deny the reports, and only cites that they are unverified. However, that’s the same vaccine adverse reaction reporting system they have always had. And, since only 1-4% actually report to VAERS (you cant report an adverse reaction if your dead) means that, worldwide, 20-100M have died from the vaccine.

At the Ron Jonhnson Senate Hearing on Covid Vaccines, the other vaccine adverse reaction reporting system VSAFE, reported 7.7% of the vaccinated were hospitalized within 30 days.

Plannedemic 3.0: Circle Jerking back to the Bird Flu Hoax to push the Pandemic Agreement and ready 600 Million Vaccines for 1 fake case of bird-duck-chicken-cow-human transmission.

May 31st 2024 Watch “The Road To Geneva” Live June 1

May 31st 2024 World unprepared for another pandemic as WHO treaty talks push on

May 31st 2024 77th World Health Assembly: What’s standing in the way of a Pandemic Agreement? | In Focus podcast

May 31st 2024 Plot Twist #6 The WHO negotiations continue. Final reports will be presented on June 1, 2024.

James Roguski
Plot Twist #6
The WHO negotiations continue. Final reports will be presented on June 1, 2024. Please watch the videos below…
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May 31st 2024 Video: WHO “Pandemic Treaty” is “Dead for Now”: Disengaging Entirely From the United Nations Debacle Act? Defund the U.N.

May 30th 2024 China('s Zero Covid Mass Murder) supports WHO in continuing to lead pandemic agreement negotiations

May 30th 2024 Pandemic treaty: panel calls for “reset” to talks as negotiators miss deadline

May 30th 2024 US health secretary: ‘There’s consensus to reject the status quo in pandemic preparedness and response’

May 30th 2024 Ignore the disinformation — the US is safer with a global pandemic treaty. (Just like the Covid Scamdemic). You feel safer with 20-100M dead from the vaccine, 20M businesses closed their doors, and the children of the world are plumb retarted?

May 30th 2024 Final Countdown A brief outline of the schedule of the final days of the 77th World Health Assembly.

May 30th 2024 The HOT ZONE: Debating About Everything Libertarians, virus skeptics, no go for WHO Agreement, Oetzi the Iceman, King County cardiac arrest data

May 29th 2024 Global pandemic treaty could be more than a year away after deadline missed.

May 29th 2024 WHO Member States agree way forward to conclude Pandemic Agreement

May 29th 2024 All Eyes on Geneva. The 77th World Health Assembly (WHA) started on 27th May until 1st June in Geneva (Switzerland) at the headquarters of the World Health Organization (WHO)

May 29th 2024 Geneva Showdown: the WHO Debates the Future of Pandemic Draft Texts

May 29th 2024 Australia calls for urgent roadmap to finalise "binding" WHO pandemic treaty


May 28th 2024 World Health Organization's Controversial Pandemic Treaty Fails, but Here's What's Next

May 28th 2024 Negotiations For The Global Pandemic Treaty Have Broken Down, But Fearmongering Of What Is Coming Next May Revive Them

May 28th 2024 Tedros Must Face Reality

May 28th 2024 UN/WHO One Health: Precursor to One World Government – Video #108

May 28th 2024 WHO’s Pandemic Treaty is dead and the amended IHR has been all but neutralised. Nothing in WHO’s Pandemic Treaty can rise from the ashes of the negotiations to be voted on this week. The treaty is done.

May 28th 2024 Nations Fail to Agree on Treaty on Preventing Next Pandemic

May 28th 2024 The WHO pandemic treaty: dead but not buried

May 28th 2024 Plot Twist #5 A "Drafting Group" has been created to continue the WHO negotiations. It appears that several countries are still trying to reach an agreement before the end of the 77th WHA on June 1, 2024.

May 27th 2024 WHO Director General Tedros declares the collapse of the Pandemic Agreement/Treaty.

May 27th 2024 WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, admits defeat on the WHO Pandemic Agreement.

May 27th 2024 WHO - Lessons from History |


May 27th 2024 Delegates to the 77th World Health Assembly

May 27th 2024 The NY Times on the treaty failure, with my comments

May 27th 2024 Rally In Geneva June 1 To Oppose WHO Pandemic Treaty

May 27th 2024 WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Is Dead – For Now

May 26th 2024 The people won over the WHO - Or did we?

May 26th 2024 Plot Twist #1 The World Intellectual Property Organization adopted a treaty on Friday May 24, 2024 regarding genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge. Expect additional plot twists in the coming week.

May 26th 2024 Plot Twist #2 The Working Group on amendments to the International Health Regulations (WGIHR) seems to have failed to reach an agreement on a final package of amendments to the IHR.

May 26th 2024 On The Fringe - Another Deep State Plan Fails: The WHO's Pandemic Treaty!! - Must Video

May 26th 2024 Pandemic Preparedness: Coming to a Country Near You


May 25th 2024 WHO fails to get agreement on the text of the Pandemic Treaty but it is not over yet

May 25th 2024 ALERT! Bird Flu Lockdowns Coming? W.H.O. Bird Flu Fearmongering Begins Before Election | Redacted

ADDED: Pfizer’s OWN safety data that Pfizer DEMANDED to keep SECRET for 75 years: Look at Table 1, under Fatalities, and then check out Table 6 under Pregnancies & children... It's better than the morning after pill, as the miscarriage rate is over 90%! & as far as children go, ALL had adverse events following being injected.... then go to The Appendix... In case you believe the FDA did not know about what to expect... check out: and look at Page 16 (it was a slide, during the original presentation) and it shows that on October 22, 2020 they were already aware, and so should the "Public" health professionals in the US, and by extension the world. Also: Page 22 (as of Sept 17, 2021, FDA knew people who got injected with the mRNA “vaccines” were 2x as likely to get infected with Covid) - 2012! as a result... at 1% reporting ( Page 6, paragraph 3), here's data for the US: - Open VAERS data.

- one of the "experts"

- Bill Gates says: “SADLY” Omicron is a type of a vaccine At this point, ONLY Nuremberg 2.0 will suffice. Military style Justice! No Legalistic delays! I believe the punishment for breaching the Nuremberg Code has NOT changed since it was established. also:

- there was “NO compulsory” vaccinations, NZ

- Musk’s OWN on X, re: “highly effective” - “no one is safe” PS. In case you’re unable to see the Safety Data, Google: “5.3.6 CUMULATIVE ANALYSIS OF POST-AUTHORIZATION ADVERSE EVENT REPORTS OF PF-07302048 (BNT162B2) RECEIVED THROUGH 28-FEB-2021” and you WILL find it that way…

Chief Justice of Nuremberg 2.0
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