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Tesla PR Department: Tesla's ChatGPT Moment "In the future, no-one will buy a car without Tesla FSD" "Gas cars are the next Nokia" - Elon Musk + Debunking Tesla FUD (2023-2024)

Bonus: Debunking Einstein & Nikola Tesla is John Galt by Chief Justice

June 15th 2024 June 15th 2024 Renewable Energy Provides 99% of New Generating Capacity in Both April & YTD

June 15th 2024 1st Slide for Tesla Shareholder Annual Meeting Adamant to Debunk, But Vague & Confusing

June 14th 2024 FUDsters back to counting cars as PROOF Tesla is Doomed

June 13th 2024 Tesla batteries are designed to outlast the life of the vehicle—after 200k miles, Model 3 & Y retain 85% of their original capacity on average, 375,000 at 70%, 500,000 by 60%

June 13th 2024 BREAKING 2024 Annual Stockholder Meeting with Elon Musk Winning Trillion dollar pay package.

Here's the full breakdown of Elon's presentation, including Q&A session, at the 2024 Tesla Shareholder Meeting earlier today.  INTRODUCTION  1:36 FSD improving exponentially 4:04 How robotaxi will work 7:08 Autonomy could add $5 trillion value 8:37 Optimus could add $20 trillion value  PRESENTATION  12:54 Tesla's impact accelerating 15:38 6 millionth vehicle 16:48 Cybertruck 19:11 Updated Model 3 20:02 Model Y bestselling car 20:39 Tesla Semi starting volume prod 22:44 Future products 23:22 Supercharger network 25:44 4680 battery cell production 28:08 Huge energy storage growth 30:39 Software at Tesla 31:56 Real-world AI 32:42 Chips: HW3, HW4, Optimus 37:31: AWS-type opportunity 39:21 FSD getting extremely good 43:50 Optimus progress & perspectives  Q&A  51:08 A thanks to Elon 52:28 Regular free trials for FSD 54:10 Disneyland & statistical FSD risk 56:57 Tesla valuation: 10X by 2029 58:07 Referral program 1:00:37 FSD transfers one more quarter 1:02:03 Elon's well-being & security 1:05:08 HVAC for homes 1:06:29 Factory tour for kids 1:08:07 Donald Trump fan of Cybertruck 1:09:24 Interventions for unsupervised FSD 1:10:54 Shoutout to 


1:11:33 Batteries only fraction of car price 1:15:35 Cybertruck could go international next year 1:19:09 Cybertruck Foundation series 1:19:45 Data collection & compute 1:26:47 Optimus to be equipped with LLMs 1:28:17 Optimus will be generalized 1:31:22 Elon helps accelerate Tesla 1:33:49 Parking & charging close to Starbase 1:35:28 Lithium refining 1:38:03 Suggestion: Deliver Teslas at night 

June 13th 2024 Ready or Not, the Robotaxis Are Coming

June 13th 2024 LIVE BLOG: Tesla 2024 Cyber Roundup (Annual Stockholders’ Meeting)

June 13th 2024 Elon Musk STUNS At Tesla Shareholder Meeting: Highlights & Recap

June 12th 2024 Trump Praises Musk & Tells lies about EV's. 28 Electric Cars With the Longest Range (300-516 miles)

June 12th 2024 Tesla slashes prices in Germany by $7000 - EVs now cheaper than ICE

June 11th 2024 U.S.-Saudi Petrodollar Pact Ends after 50 Years, but the U.S. still protects their oil fields.

June 11th 2024 Water is bursting from another abandoned West Texas oil well, continuing a troubling trend

June 10th 2024 Elon Musk is pitching a daring idea to Tesla shareholders: A vote for Musk is a ticket to the 'Muskonomy'

June 10th 2024 Musk warns that he will ban Apple devices if OpenAI is integrated at operating system level

June 8th 2024 EVs Could Last Nearly Forever—If Car Companies Let Them

June 8th 2024 Proof Tesla’s Cybertruck is the BEST Vehicle EVER!

June 8th 2024 Why Tesla will use different but better batteries in Cybertruck next year

June 7th 2024 IEA debunks media lies - world will triple renewable energy capacity by 2030

June 7th 2024 Tesla Cybertruck One Month Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

June 7th 2024 Fmr. President Trump commends Tesla and Elon Musk: ‘I’m a fan of EVs, I’m a fan of Elon’

June 6th 2024 Estimating the Growth of Electric Vehicles & Tesla Sales, an Exploration of S-Curves

June 6th 2024 EV sales skyrocket in China - Nearly 1 million sold in a single month

June 5th 2024 Autotrader: Meet The Tesla That Won’t Die: 430,000 Miles On One Battery! Episode 1 | 4K

June 4th 2024 TeslaQ Attacks Elon Musk!

June 4th 2024 Elon Musk Destroys Tesla FUD | Great News for Tesla Stock.

June 4th 2024 Aramco, Woodside in talks to invest in U.S. Tellurian LNG plant - As Saudi-Aramco owns all the large refineries in the U.S.

June 4th 2024 Toyota Caught CHEATING On Crash Tests AGAIN! Just Buy A Tesla

June 3rd 2024 Tesla Model 3 complaint rate is lowest among China’s best-selling sedans in Q1

June 3rd 2024 Giving evidence to the Select Committee on Transport on EVs in Parliament on how myths and misinformation are slowing EV demand.

June 3rd 2024 Palihapitiya 's rant was totally spot on in identifying the reasons to be a TSLA investor by ignoring the noise around the edges. Sick of all the Tesla FUDsters who waste everyone's time lying all day

June 3rd 2024 Moore’s law just died! - NVIDIA shows 1000X improvements & Tesla opens the floodgates

June 1st 2024 Tesla brake failure crash victim who went viral admits to lying in court

June 1st 2024 Do ALL EV Batteries DIE?!?

June 1st 2024 Elon Musk sounds off on President Joe Bidens tweet about American EVs

May 31st 2024 How politicians attach solar panels to vaccines. When they have no relation. Net Zero Race As Urgent as Covid Vaccine Hunt: Sir Patrick Vallance

May 31st 2024 Standard Oil Robbing Africa Lately? Exxon-Chevron dispute: Portfolio manager weighs in on 'crown jewel' of Guyana oil assets.

May 31st 2024 Lies: Like oil refineries, gas stations and fracking don't endanger lives? Eco-Terrorists working for Chevron. Planned solar farm threatens protected Joshua trees, other endangered species

May 31st 2024 Tesla’s Elon Musk calls out President Joe Biden for union-loving EV narrative

May 31st 2024 Tesla Sales Set to Soar by 2025! (New EV Report)

May 31st 2024 EV adoption is NOT slowing down according to new studies -This will happen FAST!

May 30th 2024 Not enough power for EV’s? California Is Throwing Away (1-5%) Excess Solar Power, Raising Electricity Prices; (Bitcoin is wasting another 1-5%)

May 30th 2024 Debunking: Will Tesla Owners Break The Grid? With EV Energy

May 29th 2024 No EV charging? There are Billions of plugs in your home, Billions of power poles, Billions of streetside poles & gutter EV chargers being installed globally

May 29th 2024 Donald Trump is reportedly considering an advisory role for Elon Musk

May 29th 2024 Pence family’s failed gas stations cost taxpayers $20-$80M+ to cleanup their Superfund Sites

May 29th 2024 Dirty EV's? What are leaking gasoline underground storage tanks and how are they being cleaned up? More than 516,000 leaks have been cleaned up since Congress directed EPA to begin regulating underground tanks in 1984.

May 29th 2024 Fact Check: Misleading. Jalopnik Claims EVs Hit 3x More Pedestrians Than ICE Cars Do

May 29th 2024 Fact Check Rewind: Cybertruck's don't "Rust". The "Frunk" doesn't clip fingers as a software update fixed the issue. Lewis Black Gives Elon's Cybertruck Two Middle Fingers Up - Back in Black | The Daily Show

May 29th 2024 Clean Fracking is like "Clean Coal" State's 'shockingly inadequate' policies allow Big Oil to abandon wells, poisoning family farms: 'An outrageous arrangement that needs to end'

May 28th 2024 The Slowdown in US Electric Vehicle Sales Looks More Like a Blip

May 28th 2024 AI will replace all human jobs but there will be 'no shortage of goods or services', says Musk. No, EV's and renewable energy won't starve 80% of the world as some have alleged

May 27th 2024 Rebel News Canada lies about EV's as most energy in Canada comes from cheap Hydroelectric power and Steel is Smelted in Electric Arc Furnaces at Niagara Falls since 1899

May 27th 2024 Tesla camera catches electric car hater red-handed in shocking act

May 27th 2024 Tesla Supercharger Network achieves 99.97% average uptime in 2023

May 27th 2024 “Congratulations, hillbillies” aka, Communo-Fascist Terrorists working for Gas Stations & Coal Mines. Colorado counties’ halts on large solar energy projects are slowing progress toward state’s 100% renewable energy goals

May 27th 2024 Lithium is mined with Diesel Trucks?: Rio Tinto (RIO), BHP Partner for Electric Truck Trials in Pilbara. The trials will begin in the second half of 2024 with two Cat 793 haul trucks, followed by the testing of two Komatsu 930 haul trucks starting in 2026 at mining sites in Pilbara.

May 27th 2024 Legacy auto's EVs Twice As Likely To Hit Pedestrians As Gasoline Vehicles; except for Tesla, who has the highest anti-pedestrian rating in the EU

May 25th 2024 Tesla Comes Out SWINGING In New Impact Report

May 24th 2024 Survey shows 70% Americans under 40 want to buy Chinese electric cars

May 24th 2024 Tesla Conspiracy Theories - Big Oil - Elon Musk - 4D Chess

May 24th 2024 Elon Musk at the World Water Forum in Bali. 1) Desalination has become so affordable, that water is now in an era of Infinite Fresh Water. 2) Only 100 square miles of Solar can power the world, with Wind and Batteries prices all dropping by 10X in the last 5 years. He tells the audience when you calculate what it costs now for infinite energy and infinite water 'you'll be pleasantly surprised'.

Tesla Investor Day & Master Plan 3 ft Infinite Abundance & 13 Ways to Power The World by Chris Edwards & Elon Musk

May 21st 2024 Ford Gives Up As Tesla Forges Ahead + Guy Gets BUSTED

May 21st 2024 Electric car sales keep growing world wide in 2024 - Media claims opposite

May 21st 2024 Tesla Under Attack | Tesla Time News 402

May 21st 2024 Criminals are sabotaging Tesla charging stations in America

May 21st 2024 Tesla FUD - Truth about Electric Vehicles - Slave labor in Cobalt mines in the Congo

May 18th 2024 Tesla wins approval for second Gigafactory in Germany - protesters plot revenge

May 17th 2024 Fred "FUDstone" Lambert - Elon Man Bad Syndrome

May 15th 2024 Tesla CEO Elon Musk debunks claims that FSD take rate is only 2%

While "Lies and misinformation about Tesla and Elon Musk is an industry" staple, one has to wonder why Tesla fails to take measures to cut short the lies. For example, a press release of the FSD adoption rate would cut short the 2% crap.

China vows severe retaliation after the Chevrolet used car dealer, "Snub Tesla" Joe Biden, imposes huge tariffs on EVs, motors, batteries, solar panels and their components

In first principles terms: the absence of information creates the opportunity for misinformation to spread which then must be displaced by the truth. Conversely a better strategy provides hard data swiftly putting liars in the position of needing to displace the truth with their distortions.

May 15th 2024 "Clean" Coal no longer accounts for majority of India’s energy supply in major landmark for renewables. This marks a pivotal moment as coal’s share of the total power capacity dropped below 50 per cent for the first time since the 1960s. Pictured: 50 Million women, girls and children dig in coal pits in India, then carry that coal for 5 miles, to combine with dung to cook their food and burn inside their house.

May 15th 2024 More and faster: Electricity from clean sources reaches 30% of global total

May 15th 2024 An oil company overtakes Tesla as the most shorted stock on earth

May 14th 2024 Thieves (Donald Drumpf, Alexis Jonestein & The Eco-Terrorists) are cutting cables from Tesla charging stations

May 14th 2024 Study says almost all car companies sabotaging EV transition, Japan is worst

May 14th 2024 Automakers Continue To Lobby For Global Heating, Against EVs

May 14th 2024 This is why Alex Jonestein and friends continue to claim "Graphene" is in vaccines. Graphene Is Giving Up Its Secrets (And EVs Will Benefit). We called it the miracle material of the new millennium based on its potential for widespread use in solar cells, energy storage, and other clean tech fields.

May 14th 2024 Tesla topped by Chevron in latest most-shorted stock report

May 14th 2024 Sweden’s largest union joins strikes against Tesla.

May 13th 2024 Big banks still funnel hundreds of billions into the fossil fuel industry, report shows

May 13th 2024 Oil - A Global Tax. Oil, is the New World Order.

May 12th 2024 Trump's Anti-EV Manifesto is the same as the Eco-Terrorists Manifesto is the same as Rockefeller Oil & Rockefeller Medicine!

May 12th 2024 Your EV Battery is NOT a Ticking Time Bomb

May 11th 2024 Trump Says He’d ‘Immediately Deport ‘Anti-Americanism’ Protesters in Bizarre Rally Speech. Maybe Trump should deport himself and all his followers by promoting Saudi Aramco, Russia and gas cars that are Made In Mexico.

May 11th 2024 As previously published by the Chief Justice on The Eco-Terrorists, the Indians, ISIS, The Taliban, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, UFO's, Aliens and Saudi-Aramco/Chevron all use the Antiquities Act of 1906, and the Scenic Act of 1904 to block Renewable Energy, Lithium, Uranium for Nuclear Power, Transmission Lines, Wireless Power... all the way back to The Indian's attempting to block Niagara Falls in 1905, claiming "Indian Spirits" were dwelling about the River. See the  Movie "IT". "The Time Before" Hydro-Electric Dams.... On top of that, all large energy systems require an approval by the U.S. Department of Interior and a Presidential Directive. Arizona officials clash with native tribes over Grand Canyon uranium

May 10th 2024 At least 5 Tesla Supercharger locations targeted in Houston in past week, but motive remains unclear

May 10th 2024 Revealed: Sinister Plot Behind Tesla Factory Siege - The Real Reason Musk's Empire is Under Attack. To force Elon Musk to cave on Free Speech.

May 10th 2024 Trump Promises Oil & Gas Execs Free Rein — If They Contribute $1 Billion To Campaign

May 10th 2024 Elon Musk Confirms The Strangest Tesla News I’ve Ever Seen / "Terrorists" now called "Activists" only protest EV's

May 10th 2024 2 EV Myths Debunked. The cost of batteries to drop by 75%. The Grid can handle EV charging as 95% charge at home, at night when elecric prices are lowest

May 9th 2024 Trump reportedly told oil execs he’ll end electric car incentives for $1 billion in donations

May 9th 2024 100% "Fake News". The comments are 100% BS. Cybertruck is bullet-proof, the fastest, safest and most American Made truck in the world. Their diesel trucks are plastic garbage that need repairs daily and are Made in Mexico. Lewis Black Gives Elon's Cybertruck Two Middle Fingers Up - Back in Black | The Daily Show

May 8th 2024 Sandy Munro furious at the media over fake news about Elon Musk & Tesla

May 7th 2024 Tesla Giga Berlin protests impact production schedule. Eco-terrorists said they planned to live in the treehouses “indefinitely.”

May 7th 2024 Elon Musk slams Canada law that will curb online hate content: 'Sounds insane'

May 6th 2024 10 TSLAQ Lies About Tesla

May 6th 2024 Media Lies in Headlines about Tesla - Let's be Honest

May 4th 2024 EV Myths Part 2: A Look into the Future of EVs

May 3rd 2024 Real TRUTH to Reuters claim Tesla scrapped Megacasting & Unboxed production

May 2nd 2024 12 EV Myths That REFUSE to Go Away

May 1st 2024 The Report Doesn't Lie, but The Verge Sure Does

May 1st 2024 Media admits to making up fake story about electric cars causing potholes

April 30th 2024 15 Year Battery Warranty - CATL kills 90% of FUD

April 29th 2024 The Guardian All-In on the Tesla Hate Train

April 28th 2024 Tesla FUD: Is Tesla Autopilot TOO DANGEROUS?! Unsafe At Any Speed

April 27th 2024 Why Is PBS Spreading Anti-EV FUD?

April 27th 2024 Tesla FUD: Are EVs Socialism in Disguise?

April 27th 2024 EV Range Anxiety: It Really Is All In Your Mind

April 27th 2024 Tesla FUD: "EV Demand is DOOMED"

April 27th 2024 Tesla FSD (Supervised) is close to hitting LHD countries: Elon Musk

April 26th 2024 Why WONT EV Lies Go Away?

Great Lithium “Mine” Hoax

First, There is no “mine”! Lithium now primarily comes from Salt Flats. The only mine used for Lithium in EV’s is from Glencore, in Australia. This is the same Glencore that mines for Cobalt used to refine gasoline. This is the same Glencore that was sued for using slave labor in Africa. That’s besides many EV makers and stationary storage are moving to Salt Batteries. Salt, being 1000X more abundant than Lithium. If EV’s used more materials than gas cars, then why are EV’s cheaper? If charging by electricity is less efficient, then why is it only $1.5 per electric gallon and $3-$10 for gasoline?

Do Tesla’s use Cobalt or is it used to refine gasoline?

The "Secret" is that Cobalt has been used-up over the last 100+ years in refining petro-chemicals into gasoline, not for electric cars! The Cobalt in a Tesla is 100% recyclable. And, future Tesla's will need no Cobalt, No Lithium and No Nickel. They will run on vapor-deposited Synthetic Diamonds or Quantum Glass from Sand & Salts + Graphene! - Elon Musk. In addition, there is no “slave labor” in Africa from Tesla’s Cobalt. That was the slave labor from Gencore. Tesla’s Cobalt is like giving African’s a job picking up dirt.

Oil Spills, Smog, Fracking & Ethanol

Over three decades of oil drilling in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Chevron dumped more than 16 billion gallons of toxic wastewater into the rainforest. Oil and gas companies have clear-cut 1/2 of the Amazon. The other half is used to grown food for use in Ethanol for gas cars and “biodiesel”. So much so, Ethanol uses Wheat, Soy, Corn and other foods up to 1 Billion Bushels of food is burnt in gas tanks. The ethanol industry admits that if they did not sell their food as fuel and get $40B a year in subsidies, they would be out of business and the cost of food would drop to $0.

25 Republican States sue to block US rules curbing tailpipe emissions in cars, light trucks

Alex Jones Lies About Hydro Fluro Silicic Acid In Drinking Water! Oil and Gas companies inject arsenic and fluoride in all your water supplies.

Oil & Gas Are The Fascist, Hitlarian Terrorists!

Rockefeller oil funds climate change, carbon taxes, carbon capture, carbon credits and 15 minute cities

May 23rd 2023 Rockefeller's Standard Oil funded Hitler with gasoline and supplies to IG Farben, laundered German money through Chase Bank and advised the Nazi's -- Why Rockefeller’s Standard Oil was Axis Ally of Hitler & Nazis

June 5th 2023 Analysts Reiterate Calls For $100 Oil As Saudi Arabia Cuts Production -- June 4th 2023 Saudi Aramco (Chevron/Exxon) ..."will do whatever is necessary" to raise oil prices, even wars, staged supply chain disruptions, terror attacks ... -- June 3rd 2023 Saudi Oil Minister Threatens New Terror Attacks If You Don't Buy Their Oil -- May 27th 2023 Saudi-Aramco/Chevron & Russia fight to boost gas prices. The Osama-Bin-Laden Construction Company in Riyad that build and maintain their oil fields "need" your money. -- May 23rd 2023 Saudi Energy Minister Warns Oil Bears To "Watch Out" as Bears reach highest level since 2011... Maybe Saudi Arabia & Rockefeller Oil will send in the Terrorists again...

Do Tesla's Run On Coal?

The states that burn coal for electricity ban Tesla's. California uses less than 1% of Coal for electricity. You've been watching too much Alex Jonestein. Mining? Lithium is laying on the ground in a Salt Flat. There is no "mine". In addition, there are many battery formula's that don't need Lithium or Cobalt, like Salt from Sea-Water and Sulfur. You're thinking about Alex Jonestein's Iodione and dick pills that he gets from the bottom of a 5 mile deep coal "mine". December 8th 2022 Low Cost Sodium Sulfur Battery That Can Be Processed From Sea-Water Shows Promise

Eco-Terrorists working for Oil & Gas

All eco-terrorists get paid by the oil and gas industry to stop Tesla, nuclear power and renewable energy. The eco-terrorists include the “Indians”, the “Taliban” and Chevron who support the Desert Turtle Act of 1996; which effectively bans all renewable energy in CA, AZ and NV.

Blackwater's Heroin in Vaccines ft Taliban Hoax by Chief Justice. The Taliban have been destroying Hydroelectric plants for over 50 years

Environmentalist & Green Party Scam ft Chevron's Flying Turtles. “Why did the Turtle cross the road? It didn’t. Roads to wind turbines or solar panels are banned without approval by the Secretary of Interior and a Presidential Directive.

The battle over Tesla's Berlin Gigafactory | DW News. As the so-called man-made forest was to be used for paper production and ethanol for “bio-diesel”.

Tesla Sabotage

Deplorables sabotage Tesla Supercharger Stations

Tesla Superchargers are still being ICE'd by the Deplorables

Eco-Terrorists setting Tesla’s on fire

Eco-Terrorist setting Tesla Gigafactory Berlin on fire

“Climate Change” Activists Dragged Out of New York Auto Show After Tossing Oil on EV

Electric Vehicle Myths | US EPA

Tesla (TSLA) Q1 2024 Earnings Call

April 23rd 2024 Live Transcript

LIVE BLOG: Tesla Q1 2024 earnings call

1) Elon Musk confirms that legacy auto has given up on pure EV's allowing Tesla to take full advantage

2) Elon Musk confirms car sales were down in Q1 due to eco-terrorists, fake wars and staged supply issues 

3) Tesla is continuing to reduce car build costs while also increasing car quality

4) Tesla continues to drop car prices, drop FSD prices and increase low-price leasing

5) Tesla will save $1B by reducing workforce and utilize existing infrastructure up to 3-3.5M cars

6) Cybertruck's 4680 battery project was used as a hedge against high prices from battery suppliers

7) Tesla will beat supplier costs in batteries and utilize battery over-capacity from suppliers

8) Optimus Bot will be utilized in Tesla factories this year, and sell bots externally by 2025

9) Tesla expects countries to approve full FSD as Tesla reaches Billions of miles and provide safety data

10) Tesla Robotaxi will be available to existing car owners for friends, family and/or taxi service

11) Tesla's FSD distributed inference computing can be used and sold to 3rd parties for revenue generation

12) Tesla will use it's 100M cars in a closed-loop fashion in order to improve FSD edge-cases and critical-events

13) Tesla's modeling of FSD performance is 3-6 months ahead of the public version due to scaling

14) Tesla intends to create a $25K vehicle and a $25K CyberCar Robotaxi and other vehicles up to 5-7M cars

15) Tesla is in conversations with one auto maker for licensing FSD

16) Semi 2.0 re-design in parallel with other vehicles for 2026

17) Tesla expects 40GW/hr Megapacks by the end of 2024

18) Tesla confirms they are beating Chinese firms on EV's & AI FSD

"If you ask the wrong question, they don't care about answers" - Ace Baker

19) Elon Musk confirms FSD Robotaxi's will lead to increased car utilization by 4-5X

20) Tesla will solve autonomy only unless they all get kidnapped by Aliens

Debunking Tesla FUD (2023-2024)

April 25th 2024 Tesla EV battery supplier CATL unveils LFP battery with 1,000 km range (621 miles) with 1.2M Mile Guarantee

April 25th 2024 Electric Cars Are The Spawn Of The Devil, Ex-CIA Dude Tells Faux News. While Ex-CIA Dude working for Rockefeller Oil has murdered Billions "for Jesus". (in cold blood)

New Tesla Model 3 Performance is lighter than a Audi RS4 & Mercedes C63 AMG & BMW M3

Tesla's Have Cheapest 10-Year Maintenance Costs In History: Consumer Reports

Tesla's EV's are now cheaper than gas cars in 2024

Cybertruck is the best, fastest and bullet-proof product release ever in World History

All Four Tesla Models Are Ranked As The ‘Most American’ Vehicles For 2023. The Fifth, will be the Cybertruck.

World EV Sales Report — Tesla Model Y is the Best Selling Model in the World!

EV battery health concerns appear overblown, according to new data, citing them as "myths" by Alex Jonestein & Rockefeller Oil

NHTSA determined that 50% of the "Tesla Fires" were "Fake, Staged" and Gay. And, that 78% of the damage to roads are from "Oil Tanker Trucks", not Electric Cars.

Electric vehicle fire risks debunked anew in new report

EV Mythbusters: Do electric cars pose a greater fire risk than petrol or diesel vehicles?

April 17th 2024 Elon Musk Robotaxi War vs New World Order: Tesla vs FED & IMF

April 6th 2024 Elon Musk says Reuters 'lying' in reporting Tesla scrapped plan for low-cost car; announces CyberCab Day set for 8/8/2024

April 5th 2024 Exclusive: Tesla scraps low-cost car plans amid fierce Chinese EV competition | Reuters

April 6th 2024 The Tesla FUD Machine Doubles Down After Elon Musk Signals Upcoming Robotaxi Unveil

March 11th 2024 EVs & Vaccines Will Decide Presidency! VaXXX Daddy Trump vs Tesla

March 25th 2024 Unlimited Miles EV Motors By Munro & Associates: Nikola Tesla A/C vs Unipolar DC

March 26th 2024 Tesla FUD Will Backfire | Disruptive Investing News

February 17th 2024 DYING Media Desperate For Views Tesla FUD Is The Answer

February 6th 2024 Facts not Fiction, the Truth About EVs with Joanna Kyriazis of Clean Energy Canada

February 4th 2024 Chief Justice's Plan For President (2018) to End Gas Stations

January 9th 2024 MSM LIES: Elon Musk "Didn't Inhale" Cannabis. Nor can you prove it was Weed! Nor shown to do Illegal Drugs

November 30th 2023 Elon Musk tells Oil, Gas & Vaccine makers who boycott X over free speech on social media to "Go Fuck Themselves"

November 25th 2023 EV fire risks debunked in new report. Tesla is 7X safer FSD, 11X / Mile, 200X safer vs Gas

October 30th 2023 COP28: Renewables 3X by 2030 + "Irreversible" Solar Tipping Point,"Unstoppable","No Sign Of Slowing"

October 29th 2023 Legacy Auto Admit Defeat on EV's. Tesla 15 Year "Death Watch" + Cybertruck is Risen

October 24th 2023 Factcheck: 21 misleading myths about electric vehicles

August 31st 2023 Jeff Dahn's Million Mile Battery Has Been Tested To 3.7M Miles + CATL'S 5-Million-Mile NMC532

August 2nd 2023 "We need $10 gas to pay our bills" OPEC, Saudi Aramco & JP Morgan

Jul;y 14th 2023 FUD! Dispelling the DUMBEST myths w/ FUN!


June 23rd 2023 NASA & Aliens want to block Lithium production for EV's because of fake satellites


May 25th 2023 Tesla Model Y becomes world’s best-selling car in Q1 2023

May 25th 2023 Renewables & Solar power due to overtake oil production investment for first time -IEA

May 25th 2023 April 27th 2024 Debunking The Biggest MYTHS About EVs. Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics.



March 2nd 2023 Tesla Investor Day & Master Plan 3 ft Infinite Abundance


January 23rd 2023 Tesla Cybertruck A Weapon? Paper-Cuts + Tesla Batting 1000X

March 6th 2022 Oil's Desperate Move to $7/gal ft Electric Cars vs Gas Efficiency

September 12th 2022 Nikola Tesla Wireless EV Charging To Moving Vehicles Coming to US

April 14th 2022 This FAKE NEWS Proves Why Tesla Needs A PR Department

April 14th 2022 This FAKE NEWS Proves Why Tesla Needs A PR Department

March 16th 2022 DOE: 100% carbon-free energy by 2030 + 100 Hybrids & Nikola Tesla

December 5th 2021 Tesla Debunks Einstein with INSTANTANEOUS Wireless Power Standing Waves by Chief Justice

January 19th 2021 Tesla FUD Debunked. The Tesla FUD Cliches Exposed & Explained

September 5th 2018 The Tesla FUD Machine Is Unstoppable: How 'Bout A FUD Tracker?

August 23rd 2018 We Are At Peak Tesla FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt)

By Master Yoda aka Chief Justice aka Chris Edwards -- Top 13) Debunking Einstein, Maxwell, Hertz, Ohm, Marconi & Newton by Nikola Tesla points written in 2 minutes: 

Point #1: You can't bend Space. Show us the experiment!. "Space has no properties. That would be akin to push something against nothing, I refuse to subscribe to such an idea" - --Nikola Tesla on Debunking Einstein. #2a) "All Energy in Matter comes from its Environment (a source)", 2b) In math A=A and not the invalid relationship E=M --quotes and sources Nikola Tesla, John Galt, U.S. DOE & Nuclear Power. 2c) Radioactive elements ceases to be radioactive when buried deeper away from the Energy source. DOE (Matter has no energy in-of-itself. There is no Big Bangs, and no Big Bombs) #3) Tesla inventions are Instantaneous, Infinite Speed,or Faster than Light and explains Spooky Action at a Distance. "If E=M, and I can send energy 22 miles away, why not matter?" - Nikola Tesla. Do you have that real matter projector teleporter yet? and (Standing Waves, TWTA amplifiers, Electro-static Induction, Constructive Interference aka Butterfly Effect, Loops & Nodes, Neutrino's (DOE)). Tesla describes the speed of the Induction between an A/C Generator and distant A/C Motor as an instantaneous "Manifestation". Thus, the electric induction does not travel "through the wires" from point A to point B. It manifests at the receiver. 4) The Law of Thermodynamics only applies to heat transfer,not electro-static Induction (Does not Apply). 5) Reluctance Engine's are non deterministic with two unknown variables; Maxwell Equations Do Not Apply. 6) Magnets and Electromagnets cease to be magnetic in high temperature; described and proven in Tesla's U.S. Patent for a PyroMagneto Electric Generator 7) U.S. patent office approves the only 24/7, Superconductive, Perpetual Motion Machine in its history 'Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy" March 21 1901, using Tesla's "Law of the Ionosphere". 8) Over-unity U.S. patent approved for his "Increasing Electrical Oscillations using Cold Temperature", self Cooling aka "Magnifying transmitter" 9) The Phenomena of "Negative Resistance" in A/C systems. Reducing Ohms to Zero or Negative creates a Devide by Zero Error 10) There is such a thing as a 1 Million Hour Motor that will last for 500 years, "perfectly efficient", unobstructed and indestructible 11) Thermo-nuclear Fusion is done with 100% efficiency using the --Nikola Tesla Incandescent Carbon, Ruby, Diamond button laser light patent of 1892, that he demonstrated at the Franklin Institute in 1891 -- 12) The Atom is the smallest Unit.Atoms are not "Split", but described properly by Tesla is "shattering structures" NT. I shattered structures of all materials with 10's Million Volts, and never witnessed any excess energy than Input"" NT and Therefore ""Atomic power is not over-unity, but is only useful in its 13 ancillary benefits like a heat sink ballast for The Grid, Manufacture or "Breed" of exotic gasses like Krypton or Helium with a Tesla X-Ray or a Tesla High Luminosity source (a Light Bulb), Tesla calls a "translation device", Manufacture of All Fuels & Nitrogen Fixation, Depleted Uranium, Desalination and a --Nikola Tesla Wireless Power Neutron Source Generator"" --;--Nikola Tesla and John Galt in Atlas Shrugged speech 13) Tesla's Secure Continuous Wave Radio is not a Hertzean Phenomena, which is not recoverable except in short distance, and cannot pass a Mountain; My Radio is Electro-static Induction. At the receiver, the Induction comes from the Ground to the elevated terminal and can be received at any part on Earth; even inside Mountains."" --Nikola Tesla in "The True Wireless"", and in Supreme Court Case 369, 1943 Marconi vs U.S. & Neil Degrass Tyson. Bonus: If Newton's Gravity was a "Force" as it says in the Dictionary, then why isn't there a "Gravity Motor" that you set on your table and it just runs with no source of input but Gravity. Since all Motors and all Meters are also Generators, then there should be a "Gravity Meter" on eBay for you all to buy. -- 1200 more pages and 10,000 more sources at Debunking Einstein + Nuke Hoax 3 by Chief Justice

Nikola Tesla on Faster Than Light to Infinity & Beyond - V=Pi/2XC

Nikola Tesla is John Galt

The character in the speech speaks of nature of Good & Evil, The Force & Man's Existence, The Dark Side's "Morality of Death", Perpetually Motors, Extracting energy from the Ionosphere, Cyclotrons, Atoms are Indestructible, Logic: A is A and not E is M, and much much more.

Atlas Shrugged II. 10/2/89 is the number of the date Coincidentally the date used in Atlas Shrugged II; the date the frequency of 2.3TZH was determined to break apart human DNA. Also, Atlas Shrugged points out, and Supreme Court Cast 369, Marconi vs US Govt. in 1943 is that the Government owns all patents; including Nikola Tesla's. -- John Galt refers to the year Nikola Tesla died, 12 years before 1955-6 when Atlas Shrugged was written, published in 1957; also the dates in Back to the Future, 1955. "I gathered the leaders of industry…" -- Nikola  Tesla 1891-3; prior and at the Colombian Exposition.

DNA resonant frequency is approximately 2.0 Terahertz, This is the earliest report cited by most that determined the resonant frequency of DNA is on October 2nd 1989, Phys. Rev. A 39, 2672 (1989) (10/2/89) - Millimeter-microwave spectrum of DNA: Six predictions for spectroscopy Coincidentally the date used in Atlas Shrugged II. (10/2/89)

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