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Tesla Battery Day Part 6 ft EV Battery Health & Jeff Dahn's "Magical" 5M Mile Battery with "Zero Degradation" at 500K Miles

Fighting EV FUD by EV Society of Canada ft 20 Ways Tesla Makes the World a Better Place, 20 Ways Tesla’s Robotaxi Will Change the World

April 16th 2024 China's overproduction of clean energy goods needs to be mitigated, Yellen says to the IMF & World Bank. Electric vehicles, batteries, solar panels and other goods could put companies in the U.S. and other countries out of business while Chinese firms continue to receive support.

Chris Edwards, Chief Justice of Nuremberg 2.0 at ( & and the editor-in-chief (at-large) of Tesla Leaks, The Wikileaks of Nikola Tesla at ( has been publishing on Nikola Tesla since 2009. The first YouTube channel and Blogspot for Tesla Leaks began in 2011. By October 2014, Chris attended the Solar Power International Convention in Las Vegas, NV. There, I asked all the conventioners what they knew about Nikola Tesla. Only one person knew about Nikola Tesla, and his Apparatus For The Utilization of Radiant Energy & Radiant Energy Receiver of 1901. My first post on this invention was on Blogspot, November 5th 2015, the anniversary date of the patent. These patents are cited as “solar cells” and is designed to capture and discharge the electric charge from in the Ionosphere, to a Condenser (Battery) and run a self-acting Asynchronous A/C Stepper Motor/Generator.

At the convention, Chris stopped at the 3M Booth and met Jeff Dahn. There, I recommended that Jeff looks into Nikola Tesla’s “Condensers” Patents; as Nikola Tesla used Lithium Batteries in 1899 at Colorado Springs, has many patents for Condensers to include the same electrolytic “Jelly Roll” battery used in some Tesla’s that uses an electrolytic seperator. He states in the patents the need to combine the most electro-positive material with the most electro-negative material in a battery. In those patents he also describes how you encapsulate a battery or solar cell with heat, pressure and electric charge/lasers using his Patent “Manufacturing Electrical Coils & Condensers”. And, more specifically Jeff needed to loo into the Nikola Tesla Patent “Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy”. In the patent Tesla describes to need for Mica for encapsulation of the Tin Plate. The Tin being the most superconductive when “negatively electrified” and has a fast and high electrical discharge rate. Mica, being the most electropositive. “Mica has been proven to be the most positively charged triboelectric material according to the triboelectric series of 30 inorganic nonmetal material”.

Tesla Cybertruck Battery Pack: Our First Impressions Under the Lid

Coincidentlly, Jeff Dahn begins to work for Tesla in 2016. Then 2 years later, the day before the Covid Scamdemic; Jeff Dahn announces the “Million Mile Battery” that uses the Single-Crystal Mica as the Cathode. The single-crystal mica is what allows for the “Magic” of “Zero Degradation” for the first 5 years and a total capacity between 20-40,000 cycles, or 5-10 Million Miles. Also, more recently, Tesla added a Mica encapsulation to the Cybertruck battery, presumably used as a similar purpose.

April 14th 2024 Unveiling Tesla Semi Battery: 1251 Miles, 719 Wh/kg. Highest Energy Density Ever!

CATL's new LFP battery lasts 3 million miles with 0% degradation for 5 years

This Ultra-High Mile Tesla Proves That EV Batteries Last Longer Than You Think

“It’s Magic” - Jeff Dahn. EV Battery Health & 6.4MKm Battery at 16,0000 cycles with Dr Jeff Dahn of Dalhousie University using single-crystal Mica in the Condenser (battery) as proposed by Nikola Tesla in 1901, Chris Edwards in 2014 and Jeff Dahn in 2018.

Facts not Fiction, the Truth About EVs with Joanna Kyriazis of Clean Energy Canada

April 9th 2024 Supercap? BESSY II: How pulsed charging enhances the service time of batteries. Just as Nikola Tesla had done to his Lithium Batteries in 1899 at Colorado Springs

April 4th 2024 Highest energy density battery in the world enables EVs with 1250 mile range

April 3rd 2024 CATL's Shenxing battery likely for Model Y Juniper can charge in 11 minutes

April 3rd 2024 CATL launches new EV battery with close to a 1 million mile, 15-year lifespan. According to the company, the new long-lasting EV battery has zero degradation through the first 1,000 cycles.

March 31st 2024 Tesla promotes battery tech, cites 12% degradation on Model S after 200k miles

March 31st 2024 Tesla's Roadmap: 20 Strategies for Growth

March 30th 2024 20 Tesla Secrets That CHANGED the Game

March 25th 2024 EV Motors By Munro & Associates: Nikola Tesla A/C vs Unipolar DC

March 22nd 2024 REVOLUTIONARY Silicon Anode Battery Tech | LeydenJar Update

March 21st 2024 Texas Scores Another Clean Tech Point, Flow Battery Edition

March 18th 2024 EV Battery Prices Dropping A Lot This Year & Next; which in turn will make EV's cheaper than ICE is most countries

February 29th 2024 Tiny sheaths of solvent boost battery performance at temperatures as low as −80 °C.

February 23rd 2024 US government says solar and battery storage will increase over 100% in 2024

February 15th 2024 Solar & Battery Storage to Make Up 81% of New U.S. Electric-Generating Capacity in 2024

February 16th 2024 Future electric cars could go more than 600 miles on a single charge thanks to battery-boosting gel

November 8th 2023 Toyota is planning a new EV with a 900-mile range and 10-minute charging time: ‘The holy grail of battery vehicles’

August 31st 2023 Jeff Dahn's Million Mile Battery Has Been Tested To 3.7M Miles + CATL'S 5+ Million-Mile NMC532

August 30th 2023 Tesla Researchers Announce a 4 Million-Mile Battery But It’s Only The 3rd Best Cell Chemistry They Discovered

May 24th 2023 Breakthrough EV battery pack could last 2 million kms, or 130 years of average driving

February 13th 2023 Tesla Master Plan Pt3 & Battery Day Pt5 ft Million Mile Batteries

April 20th 2022 Tesla Battery Day Part 4.20 ft Nikola Tesla Self-Charging Battery

November 5th 2021 - 120th Anniversary of Nikola Tesla's Radiant Energy

July 21st 2021 Chief Justice Battery Day Part 1-3 - February 19th 2020-July 21st 2021

Tesla Battery, Drivetrain & Investor Day Live-Stream, September 22nd 2020

March 14th 2020 (One day after the Covid Worldwide Lockdowns on March 14th 2020) How Tesla tapped a tiny Canadian lab for 1M mile battery breakthroughs

The Chief Justice made a revolutionary post on Tesla Leaks which eventually led to his Tesla Battery day report that forced The Great Reset.... The post? The solution/s to the Tesla 1-8 Million Mile Battery that was posted on the websites and across Facebook, December 26th 2019, on the same day as the Rise of the Jedi Podcast, Episode 1 was published that predicted 13 points of The Great Reset and also the Coronavirus Hoax.

The original prediction led to the Chief Justice's "Coronavirus Hoax" 10 Points posted February 28th 2020, and the final proofs posted by the Chief Justice on January 5th 2021 appropriately named 66.6 Ways Coronavirus is a full blown Hoax. That publication led to Nuremberg Trials 2.0 website launched May 17th 2021 and the evidence presented on Zoom and Special Reports on the Nuremberg Codex posted July 4th 2021.

December 26 2019 The Million Mile Battery stories were published on, Rise of the Jedi Podcast, Tesla Leaks Facebook Group & Other Groups; Tesla patents components of a Nitrous Air Injection & Hydrogen Sulfides in #corexit to their Patent; on their way towards the Million Mile Battery And, on the next day, December 27th 2019, the “Covid” Plannedemic was given a name.

Nov 6, 2019 — Tesla will finally unveil its long-awaited electric pickup truck on November 21st, Elon Musk tweeted on Wednesday.

September 29th 2019 Just prior to Event 201 on October 18th, the Covid Pandemic Drill; Tesla Truck And The Million-Mile Battery: A Perfect Pickup Match?

August 23rd 2018 The words "Million Mile Battery" were never uttered in human history prior to first Chris Edwards, then Jeff Dahn, then  Elon & JB in 2014-2018

August 30th 2023 Jeff Dahn's Million Mile Battery

August 30th 2023 5-Million-Mile NMC532 Battery Technology

August 30th 2023 Tesla Researchers Announce a 4 Million-Mile Battery But It’s Only The 3rd Best Cell Chemistry They Discovered

Always crushing gas cars. Jeff Dahn, the one I met and introduced to him Nikola Tesla's batteries at his 3M booth at the SPI conference in 2014; who later began to work for Tesla in 2017 towards a Million Miles Battery, finally completed their Tests of his first Million Mile battery, with glass in the Anode (-) and single crystal Mica. Mica being cited by Nikola Tesla in 1901 as the best material for the Cathode (+) in a battery. They just completed 3.7 Million Miles of testing. It will be out by 2025.

Tesla supplier, CATL that was tested to 1M miles with 90% remaining, or 5 Million Miles. So, I'll be surely happy when every gas car is crushed and dumped at the bottom of the Ocean. Never to be seen again. -- More on Million Miles Batteries @

Vapor deposited synthetic diamond batteries that could last for 28,000 years? Compared to junk, plastic crap gas cars that last an average of 150-200K. And Nikola Tesla's A/C induction motor in a Tesla, that is 60lbs with 528 horsepower! I'm the first one to report that the new PLAID motor can also last for 1 Million Hours of continuous operation!! That's 20-40 Million Miles. These same motor/generators are used in all hydroelectric plants since Tesla's Niagara Falls, in 1895. 127 Years of continuous operation, 500 years... - Nikola Tesla, 1933. Tesla's will last 10X longer than a gas car. And, the motor and battery is more than 95% recyclable. So, 10X less material will be needed in the future. At some point, they won't even need anymore battery material. It will all be recycled. Four-million-mile battery is now a reality

Chief Justice of Nuremberg 2.0
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