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Plannedemic 3.0: WHO Circle Jerking back to the Bird Flu Hoax ft Kill All Pets, Ban All Animals (Just like they do with the Chickens) with fake bird-flu! To Force Pandemic Treaty by May 10th.

Cats died? Lies! Raw Milk?? Bird Flu Infected Cows??? Lies!!!! Like with Convid-19, claiming Dogs, Cats, Birds, Ducks, Bats, Squirrels, Ferrets, Pangolin, Dolphins.. get Covid-19. Never ending lies...

Plannedemic 3.0, Plannedemic 2.0 being the MonkeyPox Emergency, is the bird flu hoax. My last post on this issue nearly a month ago, was removed from Facebook as “Dangerous” information for questioning whether a bird can infect a duck then infect a cow then infect a human… and -how would you prove that-? The bird flu hoax was covered by Dr Joseph Mercola in his book of 2009, previously posted at Nuremberg 2.0 ( back in 2023. These are the same hoaxers behind the Covid Scamdemic. They use: Stupid People that need to be Euthanized!! That means you!!! You know, the stupid people that believe never-ending bullshit, with no proof of even one word out of your stupid mouth. You’re like a robot repeater of non-stop fake news. Then, you try to inject your neighbor with poison, because your as dumb as a rock. No. Dumber than that.

1) Scare tactics from something that hasn’t killed 1 person. And, how would you prove that person died from H5N1? 2) Fake Tests they call “cases” 3) Killing Asymptomatics 4) Claim all Animals get H5N1 5) Test Farm Workers with fake tests 6) H5N1 Vaccine is ready… brought to you by Pfizer! 7) Shut down farming 8) Shut down hunting 9) Biometrically track all chickens, eggs, milk products and beef 10) Ban chickens, eggs, milk, and beef! 11) Cow passports 12) Cow patty testing 13) Kill all Cows…

June 11th 2024 Bird flu detected in toilet water samples in greater Houston area but no human cases, officials say. "The way most wastewater testing is done, it's through a test called PCR. What that sort of looks for is fragments of the genetic materials in a virus. So it doesn't necessarily mean it's a live virus,"

June 11th 2024 Cows heading to Wisconsin's fairs must test negative for bird flu, state officials say

June 11th 2024 Keeping the terror narrative alive? The pandemic industry is looking hard at creating another monster.

June 10th 2024 Trust the Science of "reported" and "might". Avian flu: New human infections reported as epizootic rapidly spreads in the US

June 10th 2024 Missouri reports no cases of bird flu in cattle yet, but state is prepared to take action (by culling all chickens and all cattle)

June 10th 2024 EU to secure 40 million avian flu vaccines for 15 countries - officials

June 10th 2024 Sale of raw milk could soon be legal in Louisiana, despite bird flu outbreak in cattle

June 10th 2024 Fauci & Gates want to vaccinate all your animals with experimental poison.

June 10th 2024 Bird flu tests are fake as fuck. How will we know when to sound the alarm? (Not "If", but "When")

June 9th 2024 Dozens? Wow!! CDC says kill all cats, and all animals "to keep you safe" from the PCR test... The Dog Pound Kills 20M dogs and cats each year, just in the US. Bird flu has killed dozens of cats across the world. Is your kitty at risk?

June 9th 2024 #DoNotComply Farmworkers Face High-Risk Exposures to Bird Flu, but Testing Isn't Reaching Them

June 8th 2024 Humanized Ferrets for use in testing vaccines with unknown ingredients? Texas bird flu strain kills ferrets used to mimic disease in humans, US CDC says

June 8th 2024 Telangana issues advisory amid Bird Flu outbreak in neighbouring States in India

June 8th 2024 Trust The Science of "Maybe" and  "Could Be". Texas bird flu strain may 'cause serious illness,' says CDC

June 7th 2024 BREAKING: Mexican Health Secretary Jorge Alcocer on Thursday denied an announcement by the World Health Organization (WHO) that a man's death in Mexico was caused by a strain of bird flu that had never before been found in a human. Stating that the man died from Kidney Failure and other issues. Bird Flu is #FakeNews.

Mexico says bird flu patient died of chronic disease, not virus

June 7th 2024 Bird-Flu B.S. in Full-Effect as CDC launches new Bird-Flu (Fake-Case) Dashboard, Chicken Poop & Cow Patty surveillance, expanded Cattle bio-security, Human Testing, Contact Tracing & Farm Shutdowns

June 7th 2024 Lies: Testing of the latest human case of bird flu has revealed a "notable" mutation in the virus that makes it better adapted to mammals, ...


June 7th 2024 Plannedemic 3.0: Chief Justice Predicted Bird-Flu Hoax May 2023

The Chicken Conspiracy w/ Sterilization from Feed + Bird Flu Hoax

June 7th 2024 US government to fund Moderna’s mRNA bird flu vaccine trial

June 7th 2024 Despite the spread of bird flu, lawmakers in some states are pushing to legalize raw milk

June 7th 2024 Vaccines in the Works: Scientists Prepare for Potential Human Bird Flu Pandemic

June 7th 2024 Bird flu detected in second northwest Iowa dairy herd; don't drink raw milk, FDA warns

June 7th 2024 How Much Worse Would a Bird-Flu Pandemic Be?

June 6th 2024 Sea Mammals?? The Bird Flu Virus Adapted to Sea Mammals. It May Not Be Done Yet.

June 6th 2024 Cows dying "With Bird Flu" vs "Of Bird Flu" ft Covid Hoax Rewind: Exclusive: Cows infected with bird flu have died in 5 US states

June 6th 2024 The FDA is desperate to ban raw milk. They want you to have pasteurized milk, that has no health benefits and added poisons. With bird flu infecting dairy cattle, FDA asks some states to curb sales of raw milk

June 5th 2024 WHO Confirms Bird Flu Death In Mexico As 'Trust The Science' Experts Want To Test America's 40 Million Cows

June 5th 2024 WHO IHR Modifications Were Illegally Approved

June 5th 2024 Heavily Shorted Novavax Soars As FDA Panel Decides On Next Covid Shot

June 5th 2024 "Do Not Comply" is trending #1 on Twitter as Bird Flu Hoaxers roll out Vaccines.

Bird-Flu B.S. in Full-Effect as CDC launches new Bird-Flu (Fake-Case) Dashboard, Chicken Poop & Cow Patty surveillance, expanded Cattle bio-security, Weekly testing of all cattle, Human Testing, Poo Contact Tracing, and readymade Vaccines. Nuremberg 2.0 is now on Twitter

June 5th 2024 WHO confirms (Using Chicken Poop & Cow Dung) first fatal human case of bird flu A(H5N2)

June 5th 2024 Finland to offer (Ready-Made) bird flu vaccine to select groups of people, a possible global first

June 5th 2024 Deborah Birx proposes weekly testing for every cow in America to stop bird flu

The Dossier
Deborah Birx proposes weekly testing for every cow in America to stop bird flu
In an interview with CNN this week, Deborah Birx suggested the imposition of a massive testing and surveillance regime to combat the possibility of a bird flu pandemic. Birx, the former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, laid out her battle plan against bird flu for CNN’s Kasie Hunt…
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June 5th 2024 Birx says US making ‘same mistakes’ with bird flu as COVID-19, like only killing 100M instead of 1Billion. Birx calls for weekly testing of all cattle in the U.S.

June 4th 2024 Bird flu’s spread from poultry to cattle to humans provokes worry among feds, states; as poison vaccines are administered to your food supply

June 4th 2024 Why Bird Flu Is Infecting People’s Eyes; or is it Resperatory Symptoms; or is it Slipping on a Banana Peel? All labeled "Bird Flu"

June 4th 2024 The 3rd human case of bird flu in the US has 2 new and troubling symptoms

June 3rd 2024 The Ultimate in BS by Peter McCullough BREAKING Publication: Proximal Origin of Epidemic Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 Clade and Spread by Migratory Waterfowl

Courageous Discourse™ with Dr. Peter McCullough & John Leake
BREAKING Publication: Proximal Origin of Epidemic Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 Clade and Spread by Migratory Waterfowl
By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, Nicolas Hulscher, MPH, John Leake For the last four months we have been barraged with news about highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1) or bird flu. We have been told that government agencies are going onto poultry and dairy farms and performing mass PCR testing. With positive tests, large numbers of birds are being cul…
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June 2nd 2024 ‘What’s going to happen?’ Tufts scientists race to stay ahead of H5N1 as officials announce third human US case this year

June 2nd 2024 Why th New Human "Case" of Bird Flu Is So Alarming. (Because fake cases with fake tests doesn't mean anything!)

June 2nd 2024 Republican Governor Kim Reynolds (pushes the Bird Flu Hoax) declares disaster in Cherokee County due to avian flu outbreak. The Governor's proclamation allows state resources from Iowa Homeland Security, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, and other agencies to assist with tracking and monitoring, rapid detection, containment, disposal, and disinfection.

May 31st 2024 Lies. They want you to kill your cats "to keep you safe from terrorists"! Bird flu can infect cats. What does that mean for their people?

May 31st 2024 Lies de Deux: Gain-of-Function May Explain Bird Flu Jump To Cows And Humans



May 30th 2024 Moderna Shares Rise On Report US Gov't Preparing Funding For mRNA Bird Flu Vax

May 30th 2024 Lies: "Simon Says" Bird Flu Has Infected a Third U.S. Farmworker

May 30th 2024 CSL Seqirus, a Proud Champion of Pandemic Preparedness, Announces U.S. Government Award in Response to Avian Influenza

May 28th 2024 Fake news from Fake Covid, Fake AIDS Headquarters, San FranShitsco. Officials investigate unusual surge in flu viruses in Northern California

May 29th 2024 Trust The Science of "Simon Says": Post Holdings Reports Bird Flu Among Third-Party Poultry Flocks. St. Louis-based consumer packaged goods maker said that Michael Foods’ flocks in Minnesota and Iowa had tested positive for avian influenza

May 29th 2024 See Bird Illness, Say Something. Update on bird flu in Minnesota as pathogen spills into other populations.

May 29th 2024 The God Vaccine has arrived! Bird flu: Diverse range of vaccines platforms 'crucial' for enhancing human pandemic preparedness

May 28th 2024 No, Animals don't get fake bird flu, nor fake Covid. Can cats and dogs get bird flu? What to know to keep pets safe

May 28th 2024 Chickens RIP. Farmers kill 4.2 million chickens after bird flu hits Iowa egg farm

May 27th 2024 Lies, lies and more lies. With avian flu and a new coronavirus variant spreading as summer begins, how can we keep healthy and still have fun?

May 27th 2024 Here comes the vaccines... US, European nations consider vaccinating workers exposed to bird flu

May 26th 2024 Farmworkers face high-risk exposures to bird flu, but (fake) testing isn’t reaching them as farmers resist Plannedemic 3.0

May 26th 2024 What does bird flu mean for Australia? – Full Story podcast. They're coming for your eggs, again!

May 25th 2024 Fake News: Bird flu virus detected (with what?) in beef from an ill dairy cow, but USDA says meat remains safe

May 25th 2024 Fake News: Limited testing of raw milk for bird flu leaves safety questions unanswered. Trust The Science of "Questions Unanswered"!

May 25th 2024 ALERT! Bird Flu Lockdowns Coming? W.H.O. Bird Flu Fearmongering Begins Before Election | Redacted

May 25th 2024 Bird Flu | 10 Bird Flu Facts + Raw Milk Containing Bird-Flu Virus Can Sicken Mice, Study Finds + University of Minnesota, “Promising preclinical findings for mRNA vaccine against global H5N1 avian flu clade” + How to Speak Fluent Minnesotan 

May 24th 2024 Fake News: Bird Flu Virus Found in Beef Tissue

May 24th 2024 Fake News: Raw Milk Containing Bird-Flu Virus Can Sicken Mice, Study Finds

May 24th 2024 Peter Mccullough pushing fake and deadly "cures" for 1 alleged "cases" of fake bird flu. Chloroquine Highly Effective Treatment for Acute H5N1 Infection in Preclinical Model

Courageous Discourse™ with Dr. Peter McCullough & John Leake
Chloroquine Highly Effective Treatment for Acute H5N1 Infection in Preclinical Model
By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH Globally, from January 2003 to 31 March 2022, there have been 863 cases of human infection with avian influenza A(H5N1) virus reported from 18 countries. Of these 863 cases, 455 were fatal (CFR of 53%). Fatalities have occured in multiple countries. In the last twenty years, the nations with the most cases and deaths are…
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May 23rd 2024 Clues from bird flu's ground zero on dairy farms in the Texas panhandle

May 23rd 2024 The WHO's Pandemic Treaty And A Bird Flu Crisis Are Both Arriving At The Same Time

May 22nd 2024 Fake News: A Michigan farmworker is diagnosed with bird flu in 2nd U.S. case tied to dairy cows

May 22nd 2024 Bird Flu Cases Spur Retail Trader Rush Into Vaccine Stocks

May 22nd 2024 Bird flu in your toilet? Wastewater monitoring in Texas picked up an early signal of the bird flu outbreak


May 21st 2024 Theresa Tam’s Leaked Meeting Reveals H5N1 Launch

Dr Sam Bailey
Theresa Tam’s Leaked Meeting Reveals H5N1 Launch
In our book Virus Mania, we called Chapter 7: “H5N1: Avian Flu and Not a Glimmer of Proof” and exposed the foundational fraud behind the attempts to convince the public that there was a deadly new influenza “virus”. We suspected the narrative would be used again which is why we featured it on the cover of the 2021 edition. Sure enough, in 2023 the ‘bird…
Listen now

May 21st 2024 Lies: Move over, wastewater. Store-bought milk could be another way to track the bird flu outbreak in cows

May 20th 2024 Podcast: The Bird Flu Pandemic operation; what’s really going on?

Jon Rappoport
Podcast: The Bird Flu Pandemic operation; what’s really going on?
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May 20th 2024 The (Fake) Disease Detectives Trying to Keep the World Safe From Bird Flu

May 20th 2024 Here comes the Pigs... The Bird-Flu Host We Should Worry About

May 19th 2024 Casedemic 3.0: The media still stoking fears over fake cases. New Covid variants stoke fears of a summer surge in cases

May 18th 2024 Lies, the belief in "Bird Flu" is what culled 90 million birds, not some fantasy "Virus". Oregon dairy farmers, scientists keeping an eye on nationwide bird flu outbreak "In especially domestic poultry, it’s a devastating disease that can lead to the deaths — and has led to the deaths of tens of millions of poultry in the United States," Williams says.

May 18th 2024 Bird flu found in Cow found in a Bat Cave in western China as US combats cattle outbreak

May 18th 2024 How CDC is monitoring influenza data to better understand the Plannedemic

May 17th 2024 Fact Checkers? Traces of bird flu have made it into store-bought milk in New England, but at very low levels

May 17th 2024 Bird flu is in cows. Here’s what Georgia is doing to prepare as 90 Million chickens were culled

May 17th 2024 Bird Flu B.S. is designed to ban hunting, poultry and dairy farmers; park quarantines against birds etc. etc. etc.

May 16th 2024 The widespread presence of bird flu in US cattle and milk has vaccine scientists on high alert. that we have a virus that has pandemic potential

May 16th 2024 New USDA testing with substitute H5N1 bird flu virus reminds us why eating rare burgers can be risky

May 16th 2024 Do We Have Enough Bird Flu Vaccines for a Potential Pandemic? The U.S. government has a stockpile of H5N1 vaccines, and several companies could make millions more if needed. But scaling up the supply could take time

May 16th 2024 USDA Bird-Flu Hoax Shutting Down Farms? Herbuck's Poultry Ranch lays off hundreds of employees due to avian flu

May 16th 2024 See the movie "The Birds" & Bird Droppings. H5N1 Avian Influenza Detected In New York City’s Wild Birds. Researchers provided with all the necessary protective gear to go out into the field and collect bird fecal samples

May 16th 2024 First Ever In Human Histry! Bird Flu Jumps From Cow to Human in The US: Experts Confirm First Case. Confirmed by what?

May 16th 2024 Scientology reveals "New" B.S. with AI Generated Models of "Simon Says" & "Probably" + Belief in Evolution w/ Computer Models. But transmission from cow to cow and from cow to person and other animals is new. Genetic analyses of the bird flu virus unveil its evolution and potential

May 15th 2024 All 9 Major dairy producing states are resisting federal efforts to test cows for bird flu before transporting them between farms. Authorities in key states have so far refused to issue their own orders that would make tests mandatory. The Extent of Bird Flu in Cows Remains Unknown. States Are Resisting Federal Efforts.

May 15th 2024 AMA: H5N1 news, CDC wastewater surveillance for bird flu, expanded bio-security for Cattle, for FLiRT variants, and the latest COVID symptoms

May 15th 2024 Testing wastewater (sewage), and anal swabs provides timely, actionable data to understand the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 within communities.

May 15th 2024 Bird Flu Goal: End Beef for Fake-Meat: Tyson Foods CEO Unsure When Nation's Collapsing Beef Herd Will Reverse. Reuters was the first to report King's comments at BMO's farm conference. He stated ranchers had been pressured in recent years to offload cattle due to high grain costs and drought, which, in return, sent the nation's beef cattle herd plunging to the lowest in more than half a century.

May 15th 2024 Dr. Bryan Ardis: Bird Flu Fear. Do Not Comply! (Video)

May 14th 2024 Plannedemic 3.0 is in Effectt: If they test a Cow Patty with a fake PCR test or some Chicken Poo, they will lockdown your city, kill all your animals and vaccinate you with poisons for Bird Flu, Checken Flu, Cow Flu and 150 other mandatory vaccines as part of the UN’s Vaccination Agenda 2030. Is bird flu spreading in YOUR state? CDC launches new dashboard so you can track where H5N1 is rising in wastewater

May 13th 2024 PLANDEMIC HOAX RETURNS! - 70 People Surveilled For "Bird Flu!" - They Want A NEW Lockdown!

May 13th 2024 ALERT! Bird Flu Lockdowns Coming? W.H.O. Bird Flu Fearmongering Begins Before Election! - Redacted News

May 13th 2024 Influencers promote raw milk despite bird flu propaganda

May 13th 2024 More fake news from CNBS. Bird flu risk to humans is low right now, but "things can change," doctor says

May 13th 2024 The bird flu hoax is designed to ban handling all animals, banning hunting and private farming.

May 13th 2024 CDC launching wastewater dashboard to track bird flu virus spread. Yep, Cow-Dung & Chicken Poop is the new Covid-19

May 13th 2024 CDC runs their own testing labs and can come up with any conclusion they want. Texas Tech confirms 1st avian influenza in history in a farm worker who reported no contact with sick or dead birds

May 12th 2024 May 12th 2024 Bird Flu BS: US implementing RFID tags, the USDA is currently proposing a total reconstruction of its APHIS program, new rule changes for mandatory tracking, tracing, and surveillance on “Animal Disease Surveillance,” in the new APHIS-15 proposal, created from the One Health approach.

May 12th 2024 Despite H5N1 bird flu outbreaks in dairy cattle, raw milk enthusiasts are uncowed with the fake news

May 12th 2024 Casedemic 2.0? Lack of bird flu testing may be hiding true spread of virus on US farms. More fake testing, more fake positive's.

May 11th 2024 What "Tests"?? Bird flu strain found in US cows flown to UK lab for testing

May 11th 2024 Monitoring symptoms? What symptoms?? Red-Eys from Cannabis??? Dozens of Colorado dairy farm workers monitored for bird flu symptoms

May 10th 2024 FDA: All Covid tests are frauds ft Virology Debunked On-The-Box

May 10th 2024 What Cow’s Milk tells us about PCR testing The double standards of testing

Trust the Evidence
What Cow’s Milk tells us about PCR testing
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found 297 PCR-positive dairy product samples for H5N1 avian flu, including cottage cheese and sour cream. Now, in covid times, one can imagine the headlines: cows' milk is a danger to human health as it transmits bird flu; it's time to quarantine all cows. Had the modellers been involved, we might have seen a call f…
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May 9th 2024 Yep, they're still trying to make H5N1 a thing

Unreported Truths
Yep, they're still trying to make H5N1 a thing
H5N1, we can’t quit you! Yes, with Covid firmly in the rearview mirror, Team Apocalypse has gone back to its old standby, the granddaddy of ‘em all, influenza. Covid needed a refresh. Even long Covid is now a punchline. And from Team Apocalypse’s point of view, the flu has the great virtue of occasionally taking out someone who isn’t already terminally…
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May 8th 2024 Asymptomatic Cows? Large amount of bird flu virus in milk suggests asymptomatic cows are infected with H5N1

May 8th 2024 Just One Human Is Infected by Bird Flu in the US. More Cases Are Likely.

May 8th 2024 Could bird flu become the next COVID? How worried should we be? Can 1 "case" turn into a Plannedemic?

May 8th 2024 Even as bird flu looms, the world is unlearning Covid’s lessons. A post-Covid pandemic treaty was supposed to be a breakthrough. Instead, it looks like a disappointment.

May 8th 2024 New Dr. Jane Ruby: Bombshell — The H5N1 Bird Flu Virus Does Not Exist — Beware — The Next Fake Pandemic Is Coming

May 7th 2024 Bird Flu: U.S. Could Produce and Ship 100 Million Vaccine Doses Within Months

May 7th 2024 Opinion If many dairy farm workers contract H5N1, we risk a pandemic

May 7th 2024 Tracking Bird Flu from Cow Patties, With H5N1 avian flu silently spreading in US cattle, wastewater testing could be key

May 7th 2024 U.S. Farrar stressed that the social context is key in responding to disease threats like H5N1, noting that a similar reluctance among dairy farmers to report outbreaks or allow testing of their workers

May 6th 2024 ‘They need to back off': Farm states push back on Biden’s bird flu response

May 6th 2024 Trust The Science looks for "Influenza receptors"; whatever that is, but does not look for a "Virus".

May 6th 2024 No pandemic treaty without equity — Global South should resist the pressure to adopt paper promises

May 5th 2024 The global pandemic treaty is coming

May 5th 2024 First "suspected" case of bird flu spread from mammal to human reported in Texas

May 5th 2024 Should We Be Worried About Bird Flu?

May 5th 2024 Could Avian Influenza Be The Next Covid-19?

May 4th 2024 Here comes the Fact Checkers... Q&A on H5N1 Bird Flu

May 4th 2024 No, it's not the "Pink Eye", it's now "Eye Bleeding". Mr "Trust The Science". Is there any proof of any of this other than an unconfirmed picture? Texas farmer diagnosed with bird flu from cow had intense eye bleeding, gross new photo shows.

May 4th 2024 Bird Flu in US: What We Know, What We Don't. Like "Possibly" being transmitted from cow-cow.... Trust The Science of "Possibly"!

May 4th 2024 Exactly. Make humans fear birds, bats, cats, cows and all animals on Earth.

May 3rd 2024 Pink Eye is now "Bird Flu". Dairy worker with bird flu developed pinkeye but no respiratory symptoms

May 3rd 2024 Bird Flu Sparks Warning for Pet Owners: 'Take Great Caution'. Kill all your pets and all the animals. It's the only way to stay 100% safe, according the your government.

May 3rd 2024 Lies: TikTok’s Raw Milk Influencers Are Going to Give Us All Bird Flu

May 3rd 2024 Contact tracing with fake PCR genetics test for "Bird Flu" incoming... What a US farmworker’s case of bird flu tells us about tracking the infection

May 3rd 2024 Computer generated "models" of pure bullshit! New Mutations Identified in Bird Flu Virus

May 3rd 2024 The Hill pushing for the WHO Pandemic Treaty. 4 years after COVID, we are still lacking an international prevention plan

May 3rd 2024 When "pandemics are declared" - what does this mean in practice? HHS stated that “any communicable disease event” - this means a single case of anything they claim “communicable” anywhere in the world (for example, a single cow that “tested positive” for “avian flu”), once announced by the WHO, can qualify for forced testing, tracing, detention and injections of humans or animals in any town or village in any state of the US!

May 3rd 2024 CDC now claims Bird Flu, with 1 "case" has "Pandemic Potential", and only 600 Million vaccines will cure you of fake-cases

May 3rd 2024 NHS: Billions of doses of untested, experimental, poison Bird-Flu Vaccines and Billions of unknown "Adjuvants" by September 2024

May 3rd 2024 Busted! Reuters admits one of the goals of the Bird Flu Scamdemic is banning "Raw Milk"

May 3rd 2024 Vox claims there will be indefinite pandemics, as long as you belive in "virus's" and indefinite vaccines, because "praying isn't enough"

May 2nd 2024 The entire GOP Senate conference signed onto a letter to President Biden, urging him not to support international agreements being proposed by the WHO

May 2nd 2024 Fake-News Thrice: Cats died? Lies!! Raw Milk?? Bird Flu Infected Cows??? All Lies!!!! Just like during Convid-19, claiming Dogs, Cats, Birds, Ducks, Pangolin's, Fish ... get Covid-19. Never ending lies...

May 2nd 2024 Bird Flu is bad for poultry and cattle. (not 1 death, but "bad") Why it's not a dire threat for most of us — yet. As they plan on banning food, chickens, eggs, milk, beef ...

May 2nd 2024 With what test?? 1 in 5 Milk Samples Test Positive for Bird Flu—Here’s Why Parents Shouldn’t Worry. Not yet!

May 2nd 2024 The U.S. may be missing human cases of bird flu, scientists say. "Cases"? Casedemic 2.0?

May 2nd 2024 CDC, FDA, USDA answer big questions about the growing bird flu outbreak. While there can be rare instances of human-to-human transmission of bird flu, there have been no such cases. But, we're going to kill your animals and test farm workers... With what test?


May 1st 2024 Simon Says!! Trust The Science!! of "Probably" H5N1 bird flu was circulating in dairy cows for four mont s detected, USDA scientists say

July 4th 2009 The Great Bird Flu Hoax: The Truth They Don't Want You to Know About the 'Next Big Pandemic' - Dr Joseph Mercola

April 30th 2024 What test? You can test mixed source ground beef that's been radiated, sprayed with fluoride salts, and artificial coloring? US to test ground beef in states with dairy cows infected with bird flu. "It is also recommended that people avoid direct contact with animals"; the ultimate goal of Convid-19.

April 4th 2024 Plannedemic 3.0: Chief Justice Predicted The Bird-Flu Hoax Back in Feb 2023 (

Moscow Quarantines 16 City Districts Amid Bird Flu Hoax

February 17th 2024 Nuremberg 2.0 News Feb17-23rd ft Covid Cultists Want To Kill Pets

April 30th 2024 What test? You can test mixed source ground beef that's been radiated, sprayed with fluoride salts, and artificial coloring? US to test ground beef in states with dairy cows infected with bird flu. "It is also recommended that people avoid direct contact with animals"; the ultimate goal of Convid-19.

April 30th 2024 Lies: The Strain Of The Bird Flu That Is Killing Cats In Texas Is Causing “Brain Hemorrhaging” And “Blindness”

April 28th 2024 Plannedemic 3.0? Fake News: "Airborne"? "Bird Flu"? = BS. We must learn the lessons of Covid before another deadly disease strikes. Office for National Statistics data showing 2 million people reporting long Covid (Long VaXXX)

April 26th 2024 Fake News: 20% Of Retail Milk Samples Positive For Bird Flu: FDA. Regulators have refused to disclose key details about the tested samples.

April 25th 2024 Plannedemic 2.0? As bird flu spreads in cows, fractured U.S. response has echoes of early covid

April 24th 2024 From (Fake) Bird Flu to Climate Snakes

April 23rd 2024 Fake News: FDA Says Bird Flu Found In Cows Milk. FDA noted that it "believes" the viral particles were detected by (unknown) highly sensitive lab tests


April 17th 2024 Will a false bird flu pandemic be the end of animal agriculture and usher in food rationing?

April 13th 2024 Bird flu is spreading to more farm animals. Are milk and eggs safe?

April 12th 2024 COVID Propaganda: Your Definitive Guide to Bird Flu Terror

April 10th 2024 The Hot Zone: Bird Flu Analyzing initial reports from the Texas Panhandle

April 9th 2024 'Bird Flu-Pocalypse' Forces Hong Kong To Suspend Some Imports Of US Poultry Meat


April 8th 2024 FAKE BIRD FLU! - They're Faking The Numbers With False PCR Tests! - They're Targeting Food Supply!

April 8th 2024 New Podcast: The Bird Flu Pandemic operation; what’s really going on? Flee to your underground bunker; Wear your mask while you shower and especially during sex

April 6th 2024 Bird flu is back - should you be worried? Here's what it means for grocery prices and for your health. Bird flu, which pushed egg prices up by more than 40% last year, is back again.

April 6th 2024 Raw meat, dairy, or eggs may not be safe right now.

April 6th 2024 Bird Flu Outbreak: Eggs, Milk, Dairy, Meat ... To be Banned?

April 5th 2024 Is Bird Flu Coming to People Next? Are We Ready? Vaccines and treatments are available now!

April 4th 2024 MSM Trots Out 'Bird Flu-Pocalypse' After Texas Dairy Worker Falls Ill


April 3rd 2024 Fake News: Human contracts bird flu for second time ever in U.S.

April 3rd 2024 How bird flu could affect U.S. dairy supply

April 3rd 2024 What the CDC is doing to monitor and protect against bird flu

April 3rd 2024 Bird flu pandemic in future? EU warns of potential spread to humans due to 'lack of immune defense’

April 3rd 2024 Fake News: Bird Flu in Human Has Mutation, but Risk Is Low: CDC



April 3rd 2024 The American Journal: White House Worried Bird Flu May Be ‘Next Pandemic’ - FULL SHOW - 04/03/2024

April 3rd 2024 The great Bird Flu scare is back The anti-humans are coming for your steak and eggs.

April 3rd 2024 'This could be 100 times worse than Covid': Bird flu warning from scientists who say HALF of infections with H5N1 in people are fatal - as White House says it's 'monitoring' the situation

April 3rd 2024 Egg prices are rising, with producers blaming bird flu

April 3rd 2024 Bird Flu Hoax In Effect: Cal-Maine Foods, largest producer of eggs in US, finds bird flu in chickens at Texas plant. They killed 2 Million chickens because 1 chicken allegedly had the Flu


May 22nd 2023 UK, Moscow, the tip of the spear in the Covid Hoax, Nuke Hoax, Space Hoax, ICBM Hoax... introduces quarantine in 16 city districts amid "asymptomatic" bird flu outbreak


May 21st 2023 Hitler's EU agrees to bird flu vaccination while 75% of countries will reject imports of vaccinated birds. US, remain reluctant mainly because of the trade curbs this would entail.

May 19th 2023 Fake News as birds are culled, story blames it on the flu. LDC to begin vaccinating birds with poison.

March 2nd 2023 They want you to kill all animals! - Lost In The Forest Of Fakery

February 17th 2023 The Chicken Conspiracy w/ Sterilization from Feed + Bird Flu Hoax

February 14th 2023 Avian Flu? Taking Away Your Chickens

May 17th 2022 Conspiracy theorists flock to bird flu, spreading falsehoods. Conspiracy Theorists Right Again>??

Taking Away Your Chickens


While everyone has been distracted by the COVID-19 fraud, many other aspects of the globalists' agenda have been cooking in the background. One of them is the removal of poultry and eggs from the food supply. 

The so-called Avian Flu is being used as the excuse to cull hundreds of millions of birds. It may be a surprise to some people that this is essentially a reboot of a narrative that was first tested two decades ago. 

In 2005, a publication blew apart the fraudulent science used to invent a non-existent pandemic. Let's have a look at the paper they don't want you to know about as they attempt to take away your chickens.


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