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George Orwell's book "Animal Farm" was bought by CIA in 1974 to push for Environmentalism for Population Control ushering in the Covid Plannedemic to ban fishing & hunting; then Bird Flu to ban farms.

Hunger Games & Agenda 21: "I pledge allegiance to the Earth and to the sacred rights of the Earth and to the Animals of the Earth."

George Orwell's book "Animal Farm" was written as Predictive Programming; staged in order to usher in government regulation of food. Rights to his book was bought by the CIA in 1974 to push for Environmentalism for Population Control ushering in the Covid Plannedemic used to ban fishing and hunting; while the Bird Flu Scamdemic is ushered in to ban farms and give all animals the same legal rights as humans.

June 15th 2024 Was George Orwell defending the Left, the Right or was he simply defending freedom?

June 14th 2024 The Hunger Games: A simulation exercise that reveals their strategy for the war on food. In 2015 a two day simulation game was held dubbed by some as the “hunger games” 65 people played out a food crisis simulation set in the years 2020 to 2030.

COVID-19 ORIGIN Animal to Human Transmission was "thought" to be the "likely origin". Trust The Science! PANGOLINS USED TO BAN WILDLIFE TRADE AND BATS TO BAN THE PRIVATE FISHING TRADE? Top 20 Origins Of Covid19 Part 3 ft You'll Believe Anything

July 6th 2022 U.N. "looming catastrophe" as Covid Measures cause 150M to starve

September 6th 2021 UN Food Program wins Nobel Prize 2020 as 957M Starve @ Covid Hoax

May 21st 2024 Alan Watt Ep. 4 "George Orwell - Animal Farm"



November 20th 2012 Glen Beack on Agenda 21 "I pledge allegiance to the Earth and to the sacred rights of the Earth and to the Animals of the Earth."

June 16th 2024 Eugenics is quietly returning; what does this mean for future humans?

In 1974, National Security Study Memorandum 200 was a document generated by President Nixon’s national security office, at his instruction in 1974

In 1974, John D. Rockefeller 3rd, Statesman and Founder of the Population Council again addressed the broad social and economic issues of development, poverty, and the lives of women in his controversial 1974 “Bucharest speech.” Speaking at the World Population Conference, he called for “new and urgent attention to the role of women as a vital characteristic of modern development.”

In 1974, E. Howard Hunt revealed that he had been sent by the CIA's Psychological Warfare department to obtain the film rights from Orwell's widow, and the resulting 1954 animation was funded by the agency.[92][93]

Chapter 1: Population Issues History of the U.S. Population Issue. Commission on Population Growth and the American Future, chaired by John D. Rockefeller III, which released a multivolume study of U.S. population growth and its impacts in 1972.

Winter, 1974 Bertrand Russell Tribunal considers population control

Latest on Bird Flu:

June 16th 2024 In the last 2 years, bird flu has been blamed for the deaths of millions of wild and domestic birds worldwide. But in reality, they CULLED 100 Million chickens, they didn't die of "Bird Flu"

June 16th 2024 What has the egg industry done to protect chickens? Egg operators have become clean freaks. To prevent disease from spreading, egg producers require workers to shower and change into clean clothes before they enter a barn and shower again when they leave. They also frequently wash trucks and spray tires with solutions to kill off virus remnants. Many egg operations even use lasers and install special fencing to discourage wild birds from stopping by for a visit.

June 16th 2024 Australian Associated Press FactCheck found dozens of outlandish claims on Facebook, TikTok and X about bird flu being deliberately injected into animals to destroy food supplies. Other social media users predict the World Health Organization (WHO) will use the outbreak as a pretext to declare martial law or cancel national elections.

June 16th 2024 Federal officials told reporters May 22 that just 40 people of 150,000 connected to U.S. dairy farms had been tested for the virus. Societies have a long history of blaming marginalized communities for the spread of contagious diseases. Latino immigrants were verbally attacked during the H1N1 “swine flu” pandemic in 2009, for example, and some media personalities used the outbreak to push for a crackdown on immigration.

June 16th 2024 Raw milk restrictions easing across nation amid bird flu fears

June 15th 2024 Former CDC director predicts bird flu plannedemic

June 15th 2024 From chickens to foxes to complete BS, here's how bird flu is spreading across the US

June 15th 2024 HOW TO AVOID MRNA MEAT! - The Fight Against Farmers Continues!

June 14th 2024 Scamdemic 2: Bird Flu Boogaloo — “New World Next Week” with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato

June 14th 2024 The WHO is Desperate for Another Pandemic

June 13th 2024 Australia’s culling of 500,000 chickens is for a manufactured bird flu crisis

June 13th 2024 The CIA at the WSJ hate Raw Milk. You Don’t Have to Worry About Bird Flu, for Now. Here’s What to Know.

June 13th 2024 Bird Flu Hoax intends to ban sharing equipement and ban being employed in a farm unless everyone is wearing a Moon Suit

June 13th 2024 Pennsylvania agriculture leaders on alert as avian flu spreads through cattle farms. So far, the state has mandated that no cattle can cross into the state without first being tested. Bio-hazard signs are also being posted a dairy and poultry farms to remind visitors to maintain hygiene protocols.

June 13th 2024 Trust The Science of "May Be". Shared farmworkers may be causing the spread of bird flu among cattle and poultry in Michigan

June 13th 2024 Just like under Covid, "Depopulation" is "health security". White House Senior Director for global health security and biodefense, told USA TODAY. Slowing the outbreak of bird flu among poultry under his leadership, federal agencies instituted an approach described as "defend the flock." Now, Panjabi said, we need to "gird the herd."

June 12th 2024 The harms of COVID panic are cautionary tales for the bird flu

June 12th 2024 Fake Bird Flu in Cats: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Pets Safe

June 12th 2024 Bird Flu Tests Create Pandemics

June 11th 2024 Bird flu detected in toilet water samples in greater Houston area but no human cases, officials say. "The way most wastewater testing is done, it's through a test called PCR. What that sort of looks for is fragments of the genetic materials in a virus. So it doesn't necessarily mean it's a live virus,"

June 11th 2024 Cows heading to Wisconsin's fairs must test negative for bird flu, state officials say

June 11th 2024 Keeping the terror narrative alive? The pandemic industry is looking hard at creating another monster.

Trust the Evidence
Keeping the terror narrative alive?
Over a year ago, we reported that all the ducks (not a pun) were being lined up for the next round of fear-mongering. We tried to explain the role of fear in controlling people - perhaps not a very detailed explanation - but we all experienced it and what do you expect from two old geezers…
Read more

June 10th 2024 Sale of raw milk could soon be legal in Louisiana, despite bird flu outbreak in cattle

June 10th 2024 Fauci & Gates want to vaccinate all your animals with experimental poison.

June 10th 2024 Bird flu tests are fake as fuck. How will we know when to sound the alarm? (Not "If", but "When")

June 10th 2024 Bird Flu, Fear & Perverse Incentives

June 10th 2024 Trust the Science of "reported" & "might". Avian flu: New human infections reported as epizootic rapidly spreads in the US

June 10th 2024 Missouri reports no cases of bird flu in cattle yet, but state is prepared to take action (by culling all chickens and all cattle)

June 10th 2024 EU to secure 40 million avian flu vaccines for 15 countries - officials

June 9th 2024 Dozens? Wow!! CDC says kill all cats, and all animals "to keep you safe" from the PCR test... The Dog Pound Kills 20M dogs and cats each year, just in the US. Bird flu has killed dozens of cats across the world. Is your kitty at risk?

June 9th 2024 #DoNotComply Farmworkers Face High-Risk Exposures to Bird Flu, but Testing Isn't Reaching Them

June 9th 2024 Bird Flu Triggers Supply Chain Snarls In Dairy Industry As "Farmers Increasingly Culled Cows"

June 9th 2024 The Anti-Vaccination League| The Unjected Show 

June 8th 2024 Telangana issues advisory amid Bird Flu outbreak in neighbouring States in India

June 8th 2024 Trust The Science of "Maybe" and  "Could Be". Texas bird flu strain may 'cause serious illness,' says CDC

Today, the UN World Food Programme's live Hunger Map aggregates 957 million people across 93 countries who do not have enough to eat. Of the factors driving global hunger, climate change (hoax)

August 29th 2021 UN food agencies warn of rising levels of acute hunger in West Africa

August 28th 2021 UN Food Chief: Afghanistan on verge of humanitarian ‘catastrophe,’ leading 14,00,000 into starvation and 20,00,000 now Heroin Addicts.

August 4th 2021 The United Nations World Food Programme is the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (just like Alex Jones for "Ivermectin")

July 30th 2021 UN: Millions in 23 Hunger Hot Spots Face Famine, Death

June 30th 2021 According to the Rome-based World Food Programme (WFP) 690 million people do not have enough to eat. while130 million additional people risk being pushed to extreme poverty

June 22nd 2021 UN World Food Programme says 41 million on verge of famine

June 21st 2021 When a food security crisis becomes a famine in Somailia

June 17th 2021 The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has estimated that North Korea is short of about 860,000 tons of food, enough for just over two months of supplies.

April 29th 2021 UN Food Chief: East Africa Madagascar edges toward famine, UN food agency

March 11th 2021 UN: 30 Million Facing Famine, Secretary-General Announces Prevention Task Force

November 27th 2020 UN: Warns of an Impending Famine With Millions in Danger; 690 million people do not have enough to eat while 130 million additional people risk being pushed to the brink of starvation

November 22nd 2020 UN World Food Programme: 2021 Famine Fueled by Pandemic May Leave 300 Million Hungry

November 16th 2020 UN: 'Famines of Biblical Proportions' Possible in Coming ...

November 14th 2020 UN World Food Program warns famines in 2021 will be worse than 2020 Agency was awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize

August 24th 2020  the number of people experiencing malnutrition will grow by 80% by the end of the year due to disruption in food growth and logistics worldwide cause by COVID-19.

April 21st 2020 Coronavirus: World risks 'biblical' famines due to Covid-19 lockdowns; leading to 300M into "extreme poverty"

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