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EV's & Vaccines Will Decide The Presidency! VaXXX Daddy & Gas Daddy Trump vs Tesla & Elon Musk (

Trump admits defeat of Gas. Trump admits defeat to Tesla. Trump admits defeat to China. Trump admits the Grid was not designed by Rockefeller Inc for EV's. Trump lies about EV's

March 11th 2024 Trump sides with eco-terrorists working for Rockefeller Oil, Chevron, Exxon, BP, and even Hitler’s VW… Germany's Top Prosecutor Takes Over Tesla Fire Investigation, Suspecting Terrorism

March 11th 2024 Anti-Tesla protestors call for gradual dismantling of Giga Berlin: “expropriate, strike, loot” - Donald Trump

Trump admits defeat of Gas. Trump admits defeat to Tesla. Trump admits defeat to China. Trump admits the Grid was not designed by Rockefeller Inc for EV's. Trump lies about EV charging, range and longevity. While ignoring the wars for oil, stealing the oil, petro-poison everywhere, fracking every water supply in the world, clear-cutting the Amazon and burning-food for "bio-diesel" and ethanol; It seems as if Trump is "addicted to oil" like Bush said, a heroin addict. Heroin addicts like to lie, steal, kill and inject themselves with Bleach too! VaXXX daddy Trump is also the #1 pusher of vaccines and covid measures; as all covid measures were declared under the Trump administration. The Trump administrating being packed full of oil, gas, propane, coal and tree burner executives. History as a guide, Trump will block EV's in every Republican State, remove all tax subsidies, add tarriffs to hydroelectric power, solar panels and electric motors; then proceed to bail-out the gas station people to a tune of $6 Trillion per year. Donald Trump loves David Rockefeller!!

Lets not get into the details; as everyone who owns a Tesla knows, EV's can get between 250-750 miles per charge, can be re-charged to 80% in 15 minutes and will last 300,000-500,000 miles, if not a Million miles. - Elon Musk. Trump has turned MAGA on it's head. Tesla makes the #1-#5 "American Made" cars in the U.S. Ford & GM are just "Logo's" with 150 foreign suppliers of their parts. - Ford & GM CEO. "America First"; meant America was first to get the Trump vaccine; while also mandatory for the Military and front line workers. Not surprisingly, loving David Rockefeller, and bowing for the Saudi King at Saudi-Aramco, and worshipping Putin's propane supplies; while supporting the take-over of the Ukraining nuclear power plants by Russia; seems that Trump likes Fascism and Communism; whichever fits him and his supporters like Moderna & Pfizer.

Elon Musk on the other hand, protested against Trump & Friends "Fascist" lockdowns, and is against mandatory vaccines; which if mandatory, could only lead to vaccine passports; which we also successfully blocked, worldwide. Except for Trump & Biden's vaccine passport required for Immigrants. Elon Musk fights for free speech, acquires X to expose the Plannedemic; all to keep the Tesla factories running during Trump's Scamdemic. But, don't mind all that, vote for Biden. Biden snubs Tesla, buys Ford & GM cars from Government Motors, supports Unions that lobby against Tesla, his family ran a Chevy used car dealership, blocks Lithium production in the U.S. and continues to approve fracking your water supplies. This will all go into my next post called "Dumb & Dumber" Part 2.

March 15th 2024 Tesla finally leans into its vehicles’ American-made nature by flexing Cybertruck and Model Y. 90% of parts sourced in North America (65% US/CAD, 25% MX) and Manufactured in TX – Cybertruck may tie the #1 spot on the American Made Index. Model Y is also 90% and Manufactured in CA/TX (70% US/CAD, 20% MX sourced)

March 14th 2024 Elon Musk’s Plans to Conquer Europe Collide With Hitler's Germany’s Culture Wars & Hitler 2.0's U.S. Republican States?

The red-state backlash against electric vehicles is incoherent — and gaining steam

March 13th 2024 As usual, Rockefeller Inc uses eco-terrorists and "Indians" and bugs and "aliens", Donald Trump ... to stop EV's and renewable energy. They do that because they know how stupid you are.

March 13th 2024 The biggest morons in world history, next to Donald Trump & Chevron, GM & Ford that are just "logos". Apple & Google: Apple Car was a VW with Tesla batteries & Xbox controller priced at $120,000

March 13th 2024 Tesla staff assaulted as (Donald Trump, the "Indians" and the "Aliens") protesters reveal plan to destroy and loot Tesla factory over a man-made forest that was origionally planted for use in bio-diesel

March 12th 2024 Something Scary is Happening at Giga Berlin. The War Against Tesla | Eco-Fascists Run By Gas Companies

March 11th 2024 Oil & car industries fought to block EVs and renewable energy for 60 years

March 11th 2024 COVID Propaganda: Trump Brags AGAIN About Operation Warp Speed, Shills Vaxxes

Armageddon Prose
COVID Propaganda: Trump Brags AGAIN About Operation Warp Speed, Shills Vaxxes
The latest updates on the “new normal” – chronicling the lies, distortions, and abuses by the ruling class. One might assume that getting brutally mocked and booed at one’s own rally, among one’s most strident supporters — whom he famously said would support him even if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue — might cause one to pause and reflect…
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March 11th 2024 February 27, 2020: Trump's Lockdown Plan Goes Public

March 11th 2024 Elon Musk Is The Anti-Bill Gates. Gates loves vaccines, loves Exxon and shorts Tesla. Just like Donald Trump.

March 3rd 2024 Tesla One (AI), Tesla's Secret Weapon Revealed

February 24th 2024 Chief Justice's Plan For President (2018) to End Gas Stations

November 30th 2023 Elon Musk tells gas companies, vaccine companies, Ford, GM, VW & Disney to "Go Fuck Themselves" ft Cybertruck!

November 26th 2023 EV fire risk debunked new report. Tesla is 7X safer FSD, 11X / mi, 70X vs fires

August 2nd 2023 "We need $10 gas to pay our bills" OPEC, Saudi Aramco & JP Morgan

October 8th 2022 Rockefeller Oil & Medicine Made Their Fortune Selling Snake Oil!

May 29th 2022 Global Tipping Point: 52% of car buyers want a Tesla + Gas vs EV

March 9th 2022 Elon Musk & Chief Justice predicted The End Of Petro Tyrants RIP

March 6th 2022 Russia’s invasion of Ukrain could send Oil to $200/bbl Gas @ $600/bbl ft Electric vs Gas Car Efficiency

September 16th 2021 Coincidence Theory on stopping Tesla vs Covid Hoax Odds = Centillion to 1

August 13th 2021 Tesla FLEXES MUSTLE to the World & Covid Hoaxers by Chief Justice

Trump Says We Should ‘Keep the Oil’ When ‘We Obliterate Somebody’ (FOR JESUS!) -- Donald Trump "US Military used to steal oil in Venezuela, Iraq, Syria, WW2 Etc Etc (
Trump To "Drill, Baby, Drill", Blow up Acquifers & Dump Fluoride + Arsenic in Water
Trump calls out warmongers w/ fake terror, fake nuke's, fake ISIS and "take the oil" (

JPMorgan (The guys that destroyed Nikola Tesla, Wireless Power, Electric Cars & Renewable Energy) CEO Jamie Dimon: If you don't control the borders, how can we lock you in your prison, biometrically scan you and force vaccinate you with Trump's Vaccine??

Chief Justice of Nuremberg 2.0
Top 100 Love Songs Preformed by Chief Justice
Top 100 Love Songs Preformed by Chief Justice w/ Top 300 Wedding Songs & Top 300 Love Quotes for Lovers ft 1:Corinthians:13 performed by Chief Justice of Nuremberg 2.0