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EV Motor Mania: Strengths & Weaknesses of Induction vs Permanent Magnet. Nikola Tesla's A/C Induction Motor vs Nikola Tesla's Unipolar DC (in the Prius) Explained

Elon Musk confirms that Tesla’s logo is the cross section of an electric motor

March 25th 2024 EV Motor Mania: The Strengths & Weaknesses of Induction vs Permanent Magnet. Nikola Tesla's A/C Induction Motor vs Nikola Tesla's Unipolar DC Dynamo (in the Prius) explained by Munro & Associates

January 24th 2017 Elon Musk confirms that Tesla’s logo is the cross section of an electric motor

March 29th 2024 Dusk of the Gas Giants - Farewell to Fossil Fuels - ICE's Last Lap

March 28th 2024 Tesla’s $25,000 Car Means Tossing Out the 100-Year-Old Assembly Line. A new ‘unboxed’ production system could slash costs in half — if the EV maker can actually pull it off.

March 28th 2024 BYD says EVs have entered the ‘knockout round’ with next-gen tech rolling out

March 27th 2024 Butt Hurt Gas Station Attendants & Petro-Dollar Worshippers! Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called out China's ramped-up production in solar energy, electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries, calling it unfair competition that “distorts global prices" and “hurts American firms and workers, as well as firms and workers around the world.”

March 26th 2024 Tesla is turning the pressure UP with Free-Trial FSD & $200/mo. FSD - Legacy has no counter moves!

March 26th 2024 How Lithium–Silicon Technology Breathes New Life Into Lithium-Ion Batteries

March 26th 2024 Tesla Model 2 battery is 20-40% more efficient, will charge in 10 minutes at insane speed in cold weather and increase battery lifespan by 50%. This battery as well as others is the one’s they’ll use in the Cybertruck etc. to reach 500 miles and fast charging.

March 26th 2024 This is why Republican's and Democrats have been blocking the Ford/CATL plant  in Michigan, because of these game-changing batteries

March 26th 2024 The EV Price Premium no longer exists in the United States


February 13th 2023 Tesla Master Plan Pt3 & Battery Day Pt5 ft Million Mile Batteries

Did this start WW2? July 9th 1933 to Reveal Result of Half Lifetime's Study Soon Cheap Energy for All Declares Generators Will Run 500 Years Unrenewed

May Day, May Day, May Day: Nikola Tesla's 1887-8 Patents For His Polyphase System of A/C Generators, Transmission & Motors! His system generated $6B in revenue by 1904 when the patents expired. Later, GE & Con-Edison filed their own versions of A/C systems patents filed under their chief scientist Steinmetz in order to circumvent the Nikola Tesla patents. 

January 18th 2023 Nikola Tesla loses Nobel Prize for the manufacture of Synthetic Fertilizer to Haber ‘Process’ by (Producing Unlimited Nitrates/Phosphates (Fertilizer) using a Nikola Tesla High-Frequency Generator + Air or Input Gas aka Nikola Tesla's Ozone Generator of 1896)

January 15th 2023 Nikola Tesla Patents a DC Homopolar/Unipolar Generator for Hydro-Cracking (High-Frequency Electricity + Air/Input Gas) into Unlimited Green Hydrogen/Synthetic fuels and including Gasoline

November 21st 2021 Using Tesla Coils for Unlimited Fuels using the -secret of- Energy, Frequency & Vibration

December 17th 2022 NIKOLA TESLA 1 MILLION-HOUR A/C MOTOR IN THE TESLA MODEL S PLAID ft Nikola Tesla/Chris Edwards prediction to use a superconducting material aka Carbon Fiber, to wrap around the rotor in order to even out the magnetic field distribution and prevent spot heating on the rotor. See Nikola Tesla's A/C Motor Patent of 1888

March 26th 2024 Tired Of Anti-EV Memes? Fight Back! Announcing THE COUNTER

March 25th 2024 Department of Energy announces largest-ever investment to decarbonize industry with Nikola Tesla's electric arc furnaces and electric heat pumps - February 14th 2022 Happy Valentines Day ft Diamonds Made in Nikola Tesla Electric Arc Furnace

March 25th 2024 Perovskite solar cells: Vacuum process (Nikola Tesla's Method To Manufacture Condensers (Batteries) and Coils/Solar Cells) may offer a short track to commercialization

March 25th 2024 How one German solar startup is blowing against China with bi-facial solar cells that generate electricity and heat

March 16th 2024 'Solar paint' technology could be cheaper alternative to panels: 'Billions of light-sensitive particles [are] mixed in'

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