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DeBeers 'in trouble' as Synthetic Diamonds manufactured in a Nikola Tesla Electric Arc Furnace of (1895) Sinks Perfect Diamond Prices to $0.

Censored by Google 1984 (Queens Quarterly July 1894 " Tesla method to manufacture perfect diamonds from an electric arc furnace will be perfected within the next year").

Book Censored by Google following the book by George Orwell's "1984": Where history is literally changed by the Ministry of Truth. Google Removed the (Queens Quarterly July 1894 that states "The Tesla method to manufacture diamonds from an electric arc furnace will be perfected within the next year") ft In The Future, Tesla’s will run on (vapor deposited synthetic nano) Diamonds” - Elon Musk

Current News

June 12th 2024 Furious debate breaks out over lab-grown diamonds - as critics claim the jewels are 'not as special'

June 12th 2024 How the world’s two biggest diamond companies are plotting against the rise of lab-grown gems: ‘Buyer beware’ as they are 1/10 the price and have a $0 resale value (Wikipedia on Synthetic Diamonds)

June 12th 2024 Shaping the Future of Diamonds: Embracing Sustainability and Innovation

June 12th 2024 Why diamond merchants are placing bets on incoming surge of wedding engagements. A return to normal would be a shot in the arm to an industry that’s been battered by inflation, bloated inventories and discounting largely due to a seismic shift away from natural diamonds to budget-friendly, lab-grown rocks over the past few years.

June 5th 2024 De Beers Stops Producing Lab-Grown Diamonds For Jewelry And Recommits To Natural Stones "Blood Diamonds"

June 4th 2024 Diamond industry 'in trouble' as lab-grown gemstones tank prices further

May 30th 2024 Many Green Cement Roads Lead Through Electric Arc Steel Furnaces

April 26th 2024 Lab-grown diamond created in less than 3 hours — will it revolutionize the jewelry industry?

What did Google Censor?

Google removes the Queens Quarterly book of 1895-6 below citing the Nikola Tesla method to manufacture perfect diamonds in an Electric Arc Furnace. The first in the world Electric Arc Furnace run by Hydro-Electricity, was installed in Canada at Tesla's Niagara Falls generators in 1899. Queens Quarterly July 1894 "The Tesla method to manufacture diamonds from an electric arc furnace will be perfected within the next year". Niagara Falls: “Site of the first facility for production of graphite and graphite articles in 1899. Production of graphite made possible development of electric furnaces, motors and generators, and later, graphite fibers.” The first steel and aluminum smelter in North America to create this carbon waste product was at Niagara Falls

By July of 1894, (Before Nikola Tesla's New York Lab Burns to the Ground on March 13th 1895), the same date as the Covid Lockdowns, the "Queens Quarterly" science publication predicted these Tesla methods would be "perfected" as to the method to use Coal Ash, Charcoal to manufacture ((Diamonds)) from the carbon dust coming from Electrical Furnaces". The mechanics in the story coincidentally spell to 666, (600 Amps, 60 Volts at 6000 (F) degrees). (CENSORED SOURCE) id=GR4iAQAAIAAJ&pg=PA79&lpg=PA79&dq=electrical+furnace+tesla

(NEW SOURCE) Queen's Quarterly Volumes 2-3 1894-5 pages 79-80

(SNIP) February 14th 2022 Happy Valentines Day ft Diamonds Made in Nikola Tesla Arc Furnace

The Diamonds are Valuable Hoax: Perfect Synthetic Diamonds have been manufactured using a Nikola Tesla, High Frequency, High Tension Generator, since the patents for these high frequency devices and special transformers were patented by him in 1884-1887. They are not dug out of mountains, there is no Blood-Diamonds; other than private individuals looking for Diamonds to make money, that competes with Debeers.

It is estimated that 98% of industrial-grade diamond demand is supplied with synthetic diamonds.[3] Around 2016, the price of synthetic diamond gemstones (e.g., 1 carat stones) began dropping "precipitously" by roughly 30% in one year, becoming clearly lower than that of mined diamonds.[124] As of 2017, synthetic diamonds sold as jewelry were typically selling for 15–20% less than natural equivalents; the relative price was expected to decline further as production economics improve.[125]

Because of this fact, the resale value is "next to nothing". And, the price is dropping 30% per year as the price of electricity drops to zero, over-capacity or even negative pricing. Synthetic Diamonds: 1) "perfect" 2) harder than natural 3) 1/10 the cost. Are natural diamonds on the way out? Lab Made Diamonds. January 12th 1999 As the former chairman for De Beers company, Nicky Oppenheimer said, “diamonds are intrinsically worthless.”

History of AC/DC Electric Arc Furnaces in the formation of Diamonds

The crucible is set in the furnace, the current is turned on and the arc is formed. In six minutes the highest possible heat is developed, and the part high temperature plays in the art of diamond making is realized. It only remains now to subject the carbon to great pressure. To obtain the requisite high pressure after the iron...

Scientific American April 17, 1880 On the Artificial Formation of the Diamond & Scientific American October 14, 1882 - Formation of the Diamond in Electric Arc Furnace

The Artificial Formation of the Diamond by J JOLY · 1894 — About this article. Cite this article. JOLY, J. The Artificial Formation of the Diamond. Nature 49, 530–531 (1894).

Scientific American August 30, 1902 Formation of the Diamond by the  Electric Arc Furnace

After I published these sources on Facebook in 2016-17, later, In July 2018, The (FTC) has released the final revision to its widely watched Jewelry Guides, with a bevy of changes that impose new rules on how the trade can describe lab-grown diamonds. It states that they don't have to tell you that it's a synthetic diamond, just that it's a "perfect diamond". -- ides_statement_of_basis_and_purpose_for_final_jewelry__.pdf

Nikola Tesla's dislike for women's Jewelry (Hoax) - Conspiracy sites have often tell of Tesla's dislike for women's jewelry, in connection with the fake news that Tesla was gay, or had a dislike for women. The real reason may be of vital importance to humanity is that he was pointing out that by using Tesla's inventions is how you can manufacture or grow unlimited Crystals, Diamonds, ... from basically -Waste Products-; pearls etc. And also that you can Purify or Transmute Metals in Tesla-Westinghouse Nuclear Power Plants and manufacture Unlimited Synthetic Gasses with a Tesla Ozone Generator; or Hydrogen from Steelplant Gasses or even manufacture exotic gasses in Nuclear Breeder Reactors.

Russia spits out synthetic diamonds like a gum-ball machine

May 19, 2024 US lukewarm on G7 Russian diamond ban after industry backlash. The United States is re-evaluating the strictest elements of a ban on Russian diamonds from the Group of Seven major democracies

Russian has $100 Trillion in Synthetic Diamonds


Electric Arc Furnace uses High Frequency A/C converted to Impulse DC or Plasma Arcs

Powder Metallurgy uses High Frequency A/C Machines converted to Impulse DC for Spark plasma sintering, Electric discharge sintering, Capacitor discharge sintering or its derivative, electro sinter forging

Sintering uses High Frequency A/C Machines converted to Impulse DC for High Frequency Microwaves for Spark plasma sintering, electro sinter forging

Electro sinter forging is used for the production of diamond and also the cold, rolled stainless steel used in the Tesla Cybertruck. Crucible Industries (US Steel) is the sole producer of  Crucible Particle Metallurgy (CPM) steels. In 1900 C. H. Halcomb, Jr. was Crucible's first president and general manager. Two years later, he left Crucible, building the Halcomb Steel mill next door (where he installed the first electric-arc melting furnace in the U.S.).[7][8]

January 16, 2022 Emergency Broadcast: The Gates of Hell are Now Open featuring Diablo II and the Hell-Forge In Diablo 2 Lore, The Hellforge appears in Act IV of Diablo II and is located in the Burning Hells. It's protected by an Overlord called Hephasto the Armorer, who holds the Hellforge Hammer required to smash Mephisto's, the Lord of Hatred, Soulstone. The Hellforge crucible that Manufactures-Diamonds & Crystals is located at the "Hell Forge" and  located within the River of Flame. The Burning Hells, otherwise referred to as the Underworld, Netherworld or simply Hell, are the birthplace of demonkind and the opposing realm of the High Heavens. All demons have their point of origin here and if struck down, will reform in time,[2] namely from the Black Abyss.[3]The Hellforge Quest must be completed before fighting Diablo Lord of  Terror and later Baal Lord of Destruction

May 22, 2023 Diablo IV (uses my meme) THE GATES OF HELL HAVE OPENED

(SNIP) Some myths about DC arc furnaces

DC arc furnaces have been used for the bulk melting of metals since at least 1878, when Sir William Siemens1used a DC arc furnace with a vertical graphite cathode, with the arc transferred to the melt in contact with a watercooled bottom anode. In contrast to this, the first AC electric arc furnace (invented by Paul Héroult and patented in 1900) was first operated in La Praz, France, in 1900. Electric furnace technology became almost entirely AC, based thereafter, because of the use of AC for efficient power transmission from large central power stations (following patents by Nikola Tesla and developments by George Westinghouse in 1887-8; later installed at Nigara Falls in 1899, after it’s completion in 1895-6) and the use of local stepdown transformers “specialized transformers” (also invented by Nikola Tesla) to supply the high currents required in the furnaces.

Significant commercialization of DC furnace technology occurred in the 1990s, when there was a huge demand for DC arc furnaces for steel scrap melting, following the development of high-power solid-state rectifiers. Around that time, about 80 DC arc furnaces were built in the northern hemisphere. Apart from extensive use in the steel industry, it is only in the past few decades that DC arc furnaces have been used for smelting processes, where the feed materials are predominantly nonmetallic and significant chemical reactions are involved. Mintek's Pyrometallurgy Division has been fortunate enough to be involved in the industrial-scale commercialization of roughly one application of this technology per decade, and has become well known internationally for its work on DC arc furnaces2. This started with the smelting of chromite ore fines to produce ferrochromium in the 1980s, and was followed by the smelting of ilmenite to produce titania slag and pig iron in the 1990s. In both of these cases, the process chemistry was well known and the products were familiar (albeit with some minor variations), even though the type of furnace was novel at the time. A further example was the use of a DC arc furnace to recover metals (principally cobalt) from nonferrous smelting slags3,4 early in the 2000s. In this case, a new process was carried out in a 'new' piece of equipment to produce a somewhat unfamiliar intermediate product. This, therefore, required testing and demonstration at quite a large scale. There are currently another two applications of DC arc furnace technology that are poised on the brink of commercialization-namely the smelting of nickel laterite to produce ferronickel, and the ConRoast process5, which can be used for the smelting of both platinum group metal (PGM) and nickel sulphide ore concentrates.

May 19th 2024 Diamond Vehicle Battery From Nuclear Waste Could Last 28,000 Years

April 14th 2022 UNCOVERING The GAME CHANGING Nuclear Nano-Diamond/Graphite/Glass Beta-Voltaic Batteries That Could Last For A Lifetime 🔥

September 28th 2020 Self-Charging Nano-Diamond Battery that can Surprisingly Last for up to 28,000 Years can be Coming Soon. If the vaccines that were released in October 2020, didn’t kill you first.

From the Tesla Leaks 2.0 Archive (Removed From Facebook) on January 5th 2021

Repost: Blocked by Facebook! The Tesla Method to manufacture pure Diamonds from the waste product carbon dust in a Tesla electric arc furnace "will be perfected by 1888" - Queens Quarterly 1887 [ id=GR4iAQAAIAAJ&pg=PA79&lpg=PA79&dq=electrical+furnace+tesla]

Dec 25, 2019, 6:45 PM

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