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Chief Justice, Tim Truth & The Baileys On Ivermectin Is Genocide. 18 Studies Highlighting Ivermectin Induced DNA Breakage, Damage & Related Disorders

Cytotoxic, Mutagenic, Genotoxic & Clastogenic? Ivermectin Is A Menace!

May 4th 2024 The Deadly Toll of Ivermectin: Blindness, Comas & Deaths Induced By The Neurotoxic, Genotoxic Poison Dissenters & Conservatives Being Culled By Ivermectin Shills

Tim Truth
The Deadly Toll of Ivermectin: Blindness, Comas & Deaths Induced By The Neurotoxic, Genotoxic Poison
Full documentary based on this article is available now: or Fruit Bat Ivermectin Poisoning: Sudden Onset Of Blindness, Paralysis & Death…
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May 1st 2024 "CLASTOGENIC" - 18 Studies Highlighting Ivermectin Induced DNA Breakage, Damage & Related Disorders

April 30th 2024 The Ivermectin Games

In the COVID-19 era we have been asked about Ivermectin many times, particularly in 2020 and 2021. We addressed it in a COVID FAQs presentation in March 2021 because people in the health freedom community kept enquiring as to why I was not promoting the drug. For us the foundational issue was that COVID-19 was not a novel disease and the cases were defined by non-diagnostic tests as I explained in my 2020 video “What Is A Covid-19 Case?“.

During our two decades in the medical system, neither Mark nor I ever prescribed Ivermectin and it always seemed odd that it became an alleged treatment for COVID-19 and the phantom virus ‘SARS-CoV-2’. However, like the “lab leak” narrative, Ivermectin has been a permitted alternative narrative that everyone seems to know about.

In this video we take a look at the history of one of the biggest-selling drugs in the world, including the 2020 mainstream virology paper that claimed it was an “anti-viral” agent. While that paper was able to be shared tens of millions times, by contrast those of us who discussed the virologists’ experiments were receiving strikes and bans on Big Tech platforms. There is something very suspicious about the Ivermectin narrative especially as its mythology continues to grow with new claims that it could be a treatment for cancer.

Show notes and related videos HERE.

May 19th 2023 Alex Jonestown: Ivermectin is a Avermectin in RAID Bug Spray & Roach Motels by Chief Justice

January 1st 2023 Trinary Weapons - HCQ Blood Bleaching, Ivermectin Sterilization + AZT Antivirals aka The Telomere Terminator by Chief Justice

December 22nd 2022 Snake Oil Salesman - HCQ, Pfizermectin, Antivirals for No-Virus by Chief Justice

"CLASTOGENIC" - 18 Studies Highlighting Ivermectin Induced DNA Breakage, Damage & Related Disorders


  • A clastogen is a substance or agent that induces chromosomal breakage or structural changes in the DNA of cells. The term "clastogen" is derived from the Greek word "klastos," meaning "to break." Clastogens can cause damage to the genetic material, leading to the formation of chromosomal aberrations.

  • A mutagen is a substance or agent that can induce changes or mutations in the DNA sequence of an organism. These mutations can alter the genetic information and potentially lead to the development of new diseases.

  • Genotoxic refers to substances or agents that have the ability to damage or alter the genetic material (DNA) of living cells, increasing the risk of mutations. These mutations can have detrimental effects on the organism, potentially leading to the development of cancer or other genetic disorders.

In this article I want to look at a number of studies showing a dose dependent increase in DNA breaks, chromosomal aberrations, etc when ivermectin is administered to cell cultures or animals.

Video report now available:

Study #1: Mutagenicity of Ivermectin In Rats

In a study titled ‘The mutagenic effects of ivermectin in germinal cells and serum
protein of the mouse’ by Sweify et al, researchers conducted an experiment to investigate the mutagenicity of Ivermectin on meiotic chromosomes of mice. They found a significant increase in meiotic aberrations, suggesting that Ivermectin is of mutagenic nature. (full report)

“Effects of ivermectin on spermatocyte chromosomes: Structural aberrations: Cytological analysis of diakinesis-metaphase I spermatocytes of the treated samples revealed significant increase in chromosome aberrations over the control values.”

“Analysis of the treated samples revealed significant increase in meiotic aberrations, 33.83% vs 5.8% for the control (P < 0.001)… These findings supports the mutagenicity of IVM”

“Effects of ivermectin on spermatocyte chromosomes: … spermatocytes of the treated samples revealed significant increase in chromosome aberrations over the control values”

“The present observations pointed to the mutagenic effects of IVM. The frequency of translocation is significantly higher than that found in the control samples”

“These studies revealed high clastogenic and genotoxic potential of IVM”

“In the present work, IVM induced significant increase in the reciprocal translocation figs.of primary spermatocytes. The changes in the serum protein fractions add another warning for the mutagenicity of IVM.”

Study #2: Ivermectin Genotoxicity On Buffalo Lymphocytes

In a paper called ‘Antimutagenic Activity of Some Natural supplements on Ivermectin genotoxicity in Lymphocytes of Buffalo’ by El-makawy et al, researchers investigated the impact of garlic, L-carnitine, and wheat germ oil on the genotoxicity induced by ivermectin in buffalo lymphocyte cultures, finding that ivermectin caused a significant rise in micronuclei and chromosomal aberrations with increasing doses (full report)

Cell Abnormalities

The units here are # per 10,000 Cells; Blue lines are the control levels

Structural Chromosomal Aberrations Observed:

“Results showed that ivermectin induced dose dependent increase in the frequencies of the binucleated lymphocytes with micronuclei as well as the number of micronuclei in lymphocytes of river buffalo”

“Ivermectin low dose caused non-significant increase in the frequency of total chromosomal aberrations in lymphocytes of river buffalo as compared to control. Whereas, in medium and high doses the frequencies of aberrant cells increased at a significant level (P ≤ 0.001) than control.”

“In addition, the numbers of binucleated lymphocytes showed dose dependent decrease than control. These results revealed that the drug has a cytotoxic effect on the number of cell divisions. As the micronuclei are small chromatin-containing bodies arising from chromosome fragmentation by breaks or deletion, the results of MN [micronuclei] formation confirmed our results of chromosomal aberrations indicating the clastogenic effects of ivermectin.”

Study #3: Ivermectin’s Cytogenic Potential On Mice Bone Marrow Cells

In a study called ‘The cytogenetic potential of ivermectin on bone marrow cells of
mice in vivo’ from Sweify et al, researchers evaluated the cytogenicity of Ivermectin (IVM) on mice through chromosomal aberration and micronucleus tests, finding that IVM induced high levels of chromosome aberrations and genotoxicity in somatic cells.

“IVM induced high level of chromosome aberrations in somatic cells, as it is ascertained by chromosome aberration assay and micronuclei production in bone marrow cells. This study revealed high clastogenic and genotoxic potential of IVM on mice

“The Table contains also the different types of chromosomal aberrations recorded in the examined cells. A single i.p. injection of ivermectin [200μg/kg ivermectin] resulted in a significant (P≤0.001) increase in percentage of aberrant cells”

“It is clear from the Table (II) that injection with ivermectin induced high significant increase in the frequency of the damaged cells allover the examined periods (P≤0.001).”

Study #4: Ivermectin Breaks DNA Strands In Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells

In a study called ‘In vitro genotoxic and cytotoxic effects of ivermectin… on Chinese hamster ovary (CHO K1 ) cells’ by Molinari et all, researchers conducted various genotoxicity and cytotoxicity assays to investigate the effects of ivermectin (IVM) and its commercial formulation ivomec® on Chinese hamster ovary (CHO K1) cells and found that Ivermectin caused DNA-strand breaks in Chinese hamster ovary cells. (Full article)

“… IVM and ivomec® … induced DNA-strand breaks revealed by SCGE [single
cell gel electrophoresis]”

“Both chemicals induced DNA-strand breaks revealed by the comet assay”

“IVM and ivomec® exert both genotoxicity and cytotoxicity in mammalian cells in vitro, at least in CHO K1 cells.”

“A brief 80 min pulse-treatment of 5.0–50.0 μg/ml of IVM or 25.0 and 50.0 μg/ml of ivomec® , resulted in a manifest level of single DNA-strand break induction.”

Study #5: Ivermectin Induces DNA Damage In Human HeLa Cells

In a study called ‘Ivermectin Confers Its Cytotoxic Effects by Inducing AMPK/mTOR-mediated Autophagy and DNA2 Damage’ Zhang Et Al (full writeup here)

“The results indicate that IVM can induce DNA double-strand breaks in HeLa cells, and the degree of double-strand break is dependent on the concentration of IVM.”

“Ivermectin has significant ability to induce DNA oxidative damage and enhance autophagy in HeLa cells”

“As expected, we found that IVM can induce oxidative double-stranded damage in HeLa cells, indicating that IVM has potential genotoxicity to human health.”

“We conclude that IVM produces genotoxicity and cytotoxicity by inducing DNA damage and AMPK/mTOR-mediated autophagy, thereby posing a potential risk to human health.”

Study #6: Genotoxicity and Carcinogenicity of Ivermectin On Fruit Flies

In a study called ‘Genotoxicity and carcinogenicity of ivermectin and amoxicillin in vivo systems’ by Aparecida de Sousa et al (full report here),

“The results revealed that IVM increased the frequency of epithelial tumor in D. melanogaster considering all evaluated concentrations”

“It was observed a dose-dependence in the frequency of MN [Micronuclei] in T. pallida considering the highest concentrations (11.42, 22.84 and 45.68 × 10−5 mM) differing statistically (p ≤ 0.05) from the negative control, evidencing a genotoxic effect of IVM”

“The results observed in D. melanogaster and T. pallida showed that IVM can increase the damage in the genetic material, leading to genetic instability.”

“Findings showed an increase in the frequency of micronuclei in T. pallida
treated with 11.42, 22.84 and 45.68 x 10 −5 mM of IVM. We conclude that chronic exposure to IVM is directly associated with events resulting from genetic instability (genotoxicity and carcinogenicity).”,c_limit,f_webp,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

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