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Attorney Todd Callender: Global Tribunals Have Begun... Elites Can't Escape Nuremberg 2.0 "The Reckoning" (

Attorney Todd Callender: Global Tribunals Have Begun... Elites Can't Escape Nuremberg 2.0 "The Reckoning" (

Free Ebooks: "Nuremberg 2.0" Year In Covid 2023 by Chief Justice (

March 7th 2024 Todd Callender: Global Tribunals Have Begun... the Elites Can't Escape Nuremberg 2.0


Nuremberg 2.0 Public Trial Begins vs Top 100 Wanted for Covid Crimes Against Humanity. Chief Justice presents the evidence on their Most Wanted posters for printing and distribution where legal and lawful.

February 14th 2024 'Nuremberg 2.0' looms: Ukraine in talks for tribunal on Russian crimes, MFA says


Attorney Todd Callender (November 15th) 2022 on DOD Vaccine Mandates

Source: (SNIP)

The interview is 2 hours & 44 minutes but I cut it at the first 57 minutes just as Dr. David Hartsuch entered the conversation. To watch the whole thing the link is up above.

Attorney Todd Callender going to court on November 18th to find out if vaccinated humans are OWNED by the patent holder as the US Supreme court decision in 2013 seems to suggest.
Are the vaccinated (mRNA shot) still considered Homo Sapien?
Hear his oral argument given on November 18th 2022: Robert, et al. v. Austin, et al. (28 minutes)

They have been experimenting with mRNA shots for 20 years. 8 years ago they did a mRNA clinical trial on 200,000 people where there are apparently only 5 of them alive today. According to one of them, every single one of them had their hearts stopped. Todd is reaching out to talk to this guy. Randell Elliot Burton.

We are in the middle of this transhumanist movement. HIV protein in the shots that shut off your immune system to get the lipid nano particles into the cells.
1.1 million US citizens have died in hospital homicides. Midazolam was used for COVID19 in hospitals as it was listed as a COVID PROTOCOL and it is the same drug they use to execute death row inmates with.

Todds site with 15 lawyers help people learn how to file their own lawsuits for free.

THEY can not govern without our CONSENT and we don't have to give them our consent and we can opt out of that system and invalidate it. In the 1994 UN Cairo population accord (A Depopulation accord in reality) 196 countries agreed that they needed to take 7 billion people off the face of the planet. This is GLOBAL GENOCIDE and was agreed upon ALL the countries.

Merry Christmas! Free Ebook: "Nuremberg 2.0" Year In Covid 2023

(SNIP) The Covid Saga Continued into 2023... Revelation after Revelation. Psyop after Psyop. And will continue, as long as you continue to believe in the contagion myth. During 2023, we were introduced with the fact that the Covid Plannedemic was a worldwide military operation against the free people of planet Earth. Otherwise known as World War 4. All while the Covid Criminals squirm their way out of a Nuremberg 2.0 with the "Safe Haven Act". The update to the book is set for release on the 4th Anniversary of the Chief Justice predicting the Covid Scenario, to Immortilize the book "Nuremberg 2.0: International Criminal Grand Jury vs Covid Crimes Against Humanity" by the Chief Justice and will cover major events in the Covid Scamdemic through the year 2023.

Top Stories of 2023: The Guardian: 2.5 Billion People Now Believe Covid Is A Full-Blown Hoax by Chief Justice -- Black Pilled! Everything You're Taught in Schools is a Lie by Chief Justice -- Theme Song for Covid 2022: Chief Justice of Nuremberg 2.0 vs Covid Hoax ft 33 Ways "All I Do Is Win"

Ebook by the Chief Justice: Nuremberg 2.0 (Rise & Fall of the 4th Reich) December 26th 2019-December 26th 2022

Covid-Hoax Rewind:

Covid Scamdemic Day 1 - Fake Pictures, Deaths & Dummies, Medical Kidnapping & Killing of "Suspects". Covid Scamdemic Day 1 in Wuhan featuring Fake & Staged Pictures of Fake Deaths, Fake Dummies on Gurney's, Robot Doctors, Medical Kidnapping, Killing of People & Animals "Suspected" of having Covid, Forced Quarantine & Isolation of those "Suspected" of any Illness, Fake & Staged Newscasts, Fake Asymptomatic Diagnosis, Contact Tracing of Fake Cases, Fake Testing Procedures, Useless Medical Counter-Measures for a non-existent Virus, Spraying DDT directly on the Public, Shutting Down Businesses, Starving the Public, Robbing the Public, and a plethora of never-ending bullshit for you stupid people! -- Chief Justice predicts the Covid Plannedemic, Declares WW4, Wins WW4, Rejected Amnesty and 42% of the U.S., if not 85+ if they were given all available information, would be for a Nuremberg 2.0 Trial vs Covid Measuers & Crimes Against Humanity.

Covid Plannedemic 2023:

December 22nd to 27th 2022, the Twitter Files on Covid-19 were drip-drip-drip leaked to the public. The investigation revealed that the White House, DHS, FBI, Pfizer and others were censoring people on social media and elsewhere over factual vaccine information and questioning election fraud. That censorship was later deemed Unconstitutional and Illegal.

November 14th 2022 Reiner Fuellmich Covid ICIC “International Crimes Investigative Committee”

February 5th 2022 Reiner Fuellmich's Corona Investigation Committee Public Grand Jury Hearings Days 1-7 | OPENING STATEMENTS | YouTube

Reiner Fuellmich's Crimes Against Humanity Tour ( w/ Public Grand Jury Hearings Crimes Against Humanity Tour Fuellmich Grand Jury + Fauci Missing ( Logistic support is provided to the proceedings by the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee: website (German) or website (English). Grand Jury’s website:

June 28th 2021 Nuremberg Code Point 1 on Informed Consent by Chief Justice 

June 26th 2021 10 Points of the Nuremberg Codex Explained by Chief Justice

June 25th 2021 Legal Cases citing Nuremberg for Covid-19 by Chief Justice

June 12th 2021 100 Questions for Fauci & Gates on Nuremberg Code by Chief Justice

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