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Donald Trump "US Military used to steal oil in Venezuela, Iraq, Syria" Mexico, Africa, Vietnam, WW2 Etc Etc Etc (

Top 15 of 33 Ways To Power The World + 7 places where renewable energy and gas is at negative prices, free or cheaper than fossil fuels


Nikola Tesla "Tesla Tube" of 1900 for unlimited energy and fuels using the potential energy of a large object such as "Ocean Mass"

Unlimted Energy From Ocean Mass Or Other Large Object -- Apparatus for power generation in deep seawater -- Could Renewable Energy Be Stored in Balloons in the Ocean? -- Wave Power

Top 15 of 33 Ways To Power The World:

#1) the "Tesla Tube" of 1900 capable of generating Unlimited Energy #2) Fully recyclable water or electrolyzing into hydrocarbon's, jet fuel etc. #2a) Extract Lithium and Uranium etc. all using just the potential energy of "Ocean Mass" or other large object like, A Mountain; #3) The potential energy in "Water Running To Level" with 30,000 sites for Pumped-Hydro and 530,000 sites for Hydroelectric; Inland Dams: Project Atlantropa, Grand Canyon, Great Lakes #4-5) Potential energy in "Geothermal" or Hot Water from any Volcano like Yosemite or Hawaii and energy or Free Gasses from Hydrothermic Vents #5) Potential in the 24/7 perpetual atmospheric Radiant Energy from Nikola Tesla's "Law of The Ionosphere" from Atmospheric Elevation as-in Apparatus for Utilization of Radiant Energy #6-8) Potential energy by Extracting Energy from Storms, Lightning, Tornado's, Hurricane's, Man-Made Storms: "Old Stuff" - Nikola Tesla #9-11) Potential energy in the Sun, Desert Sun, Desertec in the African Desert #12) Potential energy in Currents such as Wind-Ocean & Solar-Battery Hybrids. #13) Richard Nixon's "Project Independence" with 1000 Nuclear Power Plants: Nuclear Power Plants can provide an additional useable 13 functions such as acting as a ballast or regulator or demand response for The Grid, Electrical power, De-salinating water, Heat water for district heating, Manufacturing Hydrogen & Oxygen, or pure Gasoline, Breeder Gasses like Helium & Tritium, manufacturing gasses for Nuclear Medicine, depleting Uranium for Armor & Bullets that they call "Waste"; even with Nuclear Reactors That Won't Melt Down. 14) Manufacturing Fuels From The Air (Green & Blue Hydrogen). 15) Wireless Power From Renewable Energy.

7 places where renewable energy and gas is free or cheaper than fossil fuels

1) 192 days of Free Energy from Chile's Solar 2) Free Energy from California & Texas Wind 3) Georgia Power charges 40 cents to charge electric cars at night 4) South Australia charges $1 per day to charge electric cars 5) Niagara Falls was generating a surplus of revenue by 1902-3 and paid off by 1910"niagara+falls+power"+paid+off -- Today will pay off your student loans 6) Fracking & Oil Off-gassing Re-Capture -- Generating power from waste gas 7) Renewables to Hydrogen Gas 8) Fukushima Nuclear Power & Renewables to Hydrogen Gas to power H2 electric vehicles at 50 cents per gal or free H2 for two years 9) Deepwater Horizon to electricity and gas 10) Iceland's Geothermal Energy to Auroracoin


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Chief Justice of Nuremberg 2.0
Chief Justice of Nuremberg 2.0
Chief Justice of Nuremberg 2.0